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3D Zelda Relay Race
A Friend in Need
A Race Against Time
A Voice for Viper
AllStars 2018 March 09-10-11 [FR]
Atlantic Speedrunning Assembly
Australian Speedrunning Marathon
Bad & Obscure Speedrun Showcase
Benelux Speedrunner Gathering Legacy
Benelux Speedrunner Gathering Monthly #16
Benelux Speedrunner Gathering Monthly #17
Benelux Speedrunner Gathering Monthly #18
Benelux Speedrunner Gathering Monthly #19
Benelux Speedrunner Gathering Monthly #20
Benelux Speedrunner Gathering Monthly #21
Benelux Speedrunner Gathering Monthly #22
Benelux Speedrunner Gathering Monthly #23
Benelux Speedrunner Gathering Monthly #24
Benelux Speedrunner Gathering Monthly #25
Benelux Speedrunner Gathering Monthly #26
Benelux Speedrunner Gathering Monthly #27
Benelux Speedrunner Gathering Monthly #28
Benelux Speedrunner Gathering Monthly #29
Benelux Speedrunner Gathering Monthly #30
Benelux Speedrunner Gathering Monthly #31
Best of NES 2014
Best of NES 2015
Best of NES 2016
Big Bad Game-a-thon
Big Bad Game-a-Thon 2019
Big Bad Game-a-Thon 2020
Big Bad Gameathon
Bingothon Winter 2019
Bourg La Run
Bourg la Run 2016
BSG Annual 2017
BSG Annual 2018
BSG Annual 2019
Buckeye Speed Bash
Californithon 2017
Calithon 3
Ceriam Hurricane Relief Marathon
Children in SPEED
Classic Speedrunning Live
Cutesy-Thon 19
Czechoslovak Marathon
Czechoslovak Marathon 2
Czechoslovak Marathon Summer 2019
Czechoslovak Marathon Summer 2020
Czechoslovak Marathon Winter 2018
Czechoslovak Marathon Winter 2020
Decent Speedies
Degen Dash 1
Degen Dash 2
Degen Dash 3
Degen Dash 4Ever
Degen Homathon
Diet HUTEfest
Distant Star Cares 5 (2020)
Doctor of Love 2020
Dreamhack Montreal, NASA/No Reset
DreamHack Speedrun Marathons
Dreamhack Summer 2019
Easter Speedsters Marathon
Enter Game Cup 2019
ESA 2014
ESA 2015
ESA 2016
ESA 2017
ESA at Dreamhack Summer 2016
ESA at Dreamhack Summer 2017
ESA Germany 2017
ESA Movember
ESA Summer 2018
ESA Winter 2018
ESA: Winter Highlights 2016
Escape To The City
Exploudathon 3
F-Zero Marathon (13 - 16 May)
Fast Scares Marathon - April Showcase
Fastest Furs Fall Festival 2020
Fight The Stigma 2016
Final Fantasy Series Relay Race II
Find Way Marathon
FinnRuns 2015
FinnRuns 2017
FinnRuns 2019
FinnRuns Slim
Five Nights at Freddy's January 2019
Flames on Cancer 2016
Flash Marathon III
Fleet Fest III
FTS Winter17
Fun Runs Marathon
Game Break Days
Game On! 8
Games Finished Adequately
GamesDoneBadly 2020
Gaming for Honor
GamingLand's Marathon Catastrophe
GamingLand's Marathon Catastrophe: Summer Edition
Garbathon 2
Germany's Speedrun Marathon aka SpeedCon 2018
Getting Dat Boi Dere 2019
Getting Dat Boi Dere Take 2
GG Speedrunning Marathon in Benefit of CDKL5
Global Momentum Marathon
Gramy Szybko Pomagamy Skutecznie 2019
Gramy Szybko, Pomagamy Skutecznie 2017
Gramy Szybko, Pomagamy Skutecznie 2018
Gramy Szybko, Pomagamy Skutecznie 2020 Online
Gramy Szybko, Pomagamy Skutecznie Dzieciom 2019
Gramy Szybko, Pomagamy Skutecznie Dzieciom 2020
Grandia Speedrun Marathon 2018
Grandia Speedrun Marathon 2019
GTAMarathon 2016
GTAMarathon 2017
GTAMarathon 2018
Handheld Heroes 2019
Hekathon 2017
Hekathon 2018
Hekathon 2019
Hekathon 2020
Helvetic Speedrunners Marathon
Hispanic Run4Charity
Horror Thriller Monster Marathon 2020
Horror(ible) Games 2020
How Are Runs
Hyperdimension Neptunia Marathon
Insaniacs 2019
Insaniacs Summer 2019
InstaSpeedathon 2018
InstaSpeedathon 2019
InstaSpeedathon 2020
JohnCon 2018 Speedrun Block
Kings of 64
KusoFest 2016
Lake Effect Warning
LEGOthon 2019
LEGOthon 2020
LexPlay Speedrun Marathon
Licenseathon 2021
Lone Star SpeedFEST
M&S at OG Clash 2020
MAGLabs 2018 Speedrunning Test Chamber
Maratona SGPT 2019
Maratona SGPT 2020
Mario Marathon
Master 15
McRaeathon 3
Meme marathon
Midfall Speedball
Midfall SpeedBall 2019
Midfall Speedball 2020
MidSpring SpeedFling
MidSpring SpeedFling 2019
Midspring Speedfling 2020
Midwest Speedfest 2018
Midwest Speedfest 2019
Midwest Speedfest 2020
MidWinter SpeedSprinter 2018
Midwinter Speedsprinter 2019
Midwinter Speedsprinter 2020
Mobile Marathon
Mobile Marathon - After Christmas Party
Mobile Marathon 3: Summer Fun
Movember Speedrunning Mo-ments
NASA Launchpad Toronto
NASA Presents: Horror Thriller Monster Marathon
NASA Presents: Horror Thriller Monster Marathon 2019
NFSathon 2019
NFSathon 2020
No Glitches Allowed
No Reset Marathon
North American Speedrunner Assembly 2016
North American Speedrunner Assembly 2017
North American Speedrunner Assembly 2018
North American Speedrunner Assembly 2019
North American Speedrunner Assembly 2020
NorthWest SpeedFest
NSOM; Miscellaneous Madness!
Operation: ShadowCash
Over the World's Speedy Spring Marathon
Pandathon International 2019
Peeps Get Good
Pip Fundraiser Marathon
Pixels 4 Peace Winter 2020
Pixels for Peace
Pixels for Peace Fall 18
Portable Marathon 4 - October 22nd
Potterthon 3
Potterthon 4
Power Up With Pride 18
Powerhouse Marathons: Hauntedhouse
preNASA 2018
preNASA 2019 - SpeedKino
Prince of Persia Marathon 2016
Prince of Persia Marathon 2017
Prince of Persia Marathon 2018
Prince of Persia Marathon 2019
Prince of Persia Marathon 2020
Project Fundraising 3: Life for Jake
Project Fundraising 5 - OniLink86 Edition
Project Fundrising: A New Beginning
Project: Fundrising 2
Quastathon EX
Questing for Glory
QuickFest SpeedFest Summer 2020
Really Really Long A Thon
Really-Really-Long-a-thon 2 - Obscurest Boogaloo
Red Panda Rush
ResortFest: Cabin Fever 2020
ResortFest: Fall Fright 2018
ResortFest: GameOn
ResortFest: International 2018
ResortFest: International 2019
ResortFest: Revival
ResortFest: Springo Bingo 2019
ResortFest: Wii for All
ResortFest: Winter Rush 2019
Retro Rainbow May
RNG Festival Herbst 2019
Rogue-a-rama: Fall Fun 2019
Rogue-a-rama: RNG-a-thon 2020
ROM Hacks Done Quick 2
RPGs We Love 3
Runs to Reunite
Saints for Saints
SELLOUT Marathon 2016
September Powerhouse
Shots Fired: Annihilation (July 10-15) **LIVE NOW**
Shots Fired: Devastation (June 21-25)
Shots Fired: Overkill (November 13-19)
Smash The Record 2017
Sonic Speed 2018
Sonic Speed 2019
Sonic Speed 2020
SourceRuns Marathon
Southeast Relief Madness
Speed Games United
Speed Games United 2019
Speed Games United Summer 2018
Speed Games United Winter 2018
Speed Gaming for Sick Kids
Speed Stuff 4 Charity - Winter 2018
Speed Stuff 4 Charity 5
Speed Stuff 4 Charity 6
Speed Stuff 4 Charity 7
SpeedCon 2019
SpeedCon 2020
SpeedCon 2021
SpeedConline 2020
Speedrun Ragnarok 2019
Speedrun Ragnarok 2020
Speedrun Rumble 2019
Speedrun to Change the World
Speedrunning eXpo (Fall 2017 - Sept 30-Oct 1)
Speedruns auf der Dokomi 2019
Speedruns Rochester Summer Fundraiser
Speedruns Rochester Summer Marathon
Speedsouls Charity Marathon 2017
Speedsouls Charity Marathon 2018
Speedyfists - Autumn 2019
SpeedyFists - Round 2
Speedyfists - Spring 2019
Speedyfists 2020
Speedyfists Marathon
SpeedyFists: Round 3
Splash For A Better Future
Strongest Fastest! Dragon Ball Speedrun Skill Marathon!
StruggleThon 2018
StruggleThon 2019
StruggleThon 2020
Super Sony Speed
Supporting Autism Speed Event Next
Tactical Fundraising Action 2
Tactical Fundraising Action 3: Irish Thunder
TFF5 - The Fast Force 5
The 1545 Race
The Driver Marathon
The Fast Force 2
The Fast Force 4
The Strenuous Marathon
Thunderthon 2020
Tora-Thon 2
Tora-Thon 3
Tough as Nails
UCry Marathon
UCry Too Marathon
UKSG Anniversary Event #01
UKSG Autumn 2019
UKSG Spring 2019
UKSG Spring 2020
UKSG Summer 2019
UKSG Winter 2019
UKSG Winter 2020
UKSM - UK Speedrunning Marathon
UKSM Insomnia64
United Kingdom Speedrunner Gathering Fall '18
United Kingdom Speedrunner Gathering Spring '18
United Kingdom Speedrunner Gathering Summer '18
United Kingdom Speedrunner Gathering Winter '17
Valuethon (Old Marathon Go To Valuethon 3)
Valuethon 3
Voltathon: Amped
Warwick's Awesome Speedruns and Demos
WeGotJSRFHD Marathon
WeWantJSRFHD 3.0
WeWantJSRFHD Winter Marathon
Wicked Fast - Horror Marathon
WiiCube Marathon #1
WiiCube Marathon #2
Winter NFSathon 2020
Winter Pride 2017
Winter Pride 2018
YeehawBoys-A-Thon 6
Yet Another Speedrun Marathon (Online, Dec.9-10)
Yu-Gi-Oh Speedrun Marathon
Yuuto Ichika Saves Lives
ZeldaSpeedRuns Marathon 2018
ZeldaSpeedRuns Marathon 2020
ZFM 16
Zimowe Gramy Szybko Pomagamy Skutecznie 2018
Zocktoberfest Marathon 2019
[France] Rise of the 3D September 10-11 2016