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Hey everyone,
I understand that the speedrun of Fortified Zone itself is some sort of a meme by now, and the page here in reflects that.

But with my submission, I was unsure to what frame I should time it; and well... normally on the rules of the game that information is present...

I'd be thankful if someone could tell me the information I need, but I noticed I'm not the first person to have questions regarding the speedrun that go by unanswered due to how the page in the website is laid out. ( )

I've worked in making assets for several other pages, things like custom "" logos, 1st/2nd/3rd/4th icons, backgrounds, etc.

Is there a change I could help this page look more user friendly? Alongside changing the rules to reflect what the runners need to know?


Not really sure why this game is considered a meme. It'd be nice if my time was actually verified (submitted it 3 months ago). People that actually want to learn the game aren't getting any help because the "guides" are just a bunch of memes only 2 people find funny. I was considering coming back to this game, but if people consider this a joke and won't take anyone interested in the game seriously, then I won't.


I've reached out to the super mods of this page directly, and the reason behind our runs being accepted now.
I positioned to them getting new moderators to fix the page and rules of this game...

It's a shame that the guides page is what it is...
And not even a year ago there was a gameboy marathon that included this game, it was really hard learning it by myself using only the wr as reference...


I literally never log into because this is the only game on here I mod that I would need to check and i've been trying to get people to run it unsuccessfully for close to 3 years. The guides page is what it is because there is no guide, if someone wants to make an actual guide I'll happily put it up.

I'll update the rules sometime this week since there are questions. Time starts on new game select and ends when last boss dies (you lose character control).