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This is great and all, but what about the categories for the Update 2 minigames seperatly (for example: Foxy Fighters cate, Foxy.EXE cate, Freddy in Space cate, etc)


While I do agree with both the Main and Misc. category lists, I actually started out with 100% as my first category and even though my first completed run sucked at Rainbow (literally 20 fucking minutes o_o), my second run which was my submission was what gave such an improvement and it's what got me into FNaF World, considering I only started doing speedruns of this game after 1 week of me first starting FNaF World so I definitely knew that I would get into this a lot more. Ever since my 100% run, a lot really did change and admittedly, I didn't know that I would be considered a "potential" runner for the top spots based on my testing for routes and helping this community out, I just wished that I had a better computer to run the game on (and hopefully by Christmas I will have one) so that I could get back into this game and get with everyone again cause running the game on a computer that can't handle it as much as you'd think is very stressful and painful, which is why I never uploaded or even submitted my Clock Ending Normal Mode Fixed-Party run cause it was terrible and I didn't like how awful I was doing just in general for the whole run, but I won't ever forget this game and I am looking forward to earn my place back with the pros, I know that I did do the mini games but those aren't really much to consider cause to be honest, they're all easy, hell CMR is easy for me now after getting my 1:11 run but I want to improve without being limited by technology... I promise I will be doing this for 5 hours each day AND I will continue my series with Nuzlocke cause I wanna finish that list since I made it possible to beat it but just barely the first time around 😛