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Well, it also takes a shit ton of dedication, I think the least RNG of your troubles would be the Misc. Update 2 mini game categories even though CMR 1:11 took me 43 attempts within 16 minutes to do, I wasn't expecting it cause I only tried to adapt to the 1:00 flat record by millon and I adapted to his strategy but I still feel like I'm iffy in a couple of spots that throws my time off for the Butterfly section cause I still lose time there but everything else is near perfection to my liking so I'm proud of myself for that. But yeah this game is annoying with RNG for the short categories but for the longer ones, it doesn't really matter as much since you can definitely save time in a lot of places if you know where you fucked up here and there every now and then.


Well, I don't really do Fixed-Party runs, I mainly do the full game categories which means I do Adventure Mode more than anything else, so honestly I have no fucking clue and I honestly don't want to bother cause I remember I did a Clock Ending run but I never uploaded it cause it was trash and load times was horrible and my battles sucked.


Honestly? FNaF World is FAR from the most RNG based game ever. But, that's besides the point. I would like to say a few things about this topic.

One, a tier list is kinda useless. Because some characters just work better with others. That doesn't mean they are better characters, that just means they have better synergy. And a tier list can't really show that.

Two, as speed runners, it's our job to find our way around the RNG. To find strategies that work around it. For example, if you are taking too much damage to Security, then get auto shield. If you are getting too many encounters, Run:Luck. It all depends on what you think is too much and too little. But to be honest, we can't really afford to just throw in the towel and say, "This game has too much RNG." Get around it. Don't complain. Besides, it's something you kinda gotta get used to.

If you have a problem with RNG, then FNaF World isn't the game for you. But to be honest, if you have a problem with RNG, I don't think speedrunning is for you, either. This is just how it works. Nothing you can do to change it.

I'm gonna lock this thread. I feel like everything has been addressed. If you have a problem with that, feel free to send me a message requesting an unlock, and we can discuss this further.

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