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The FNaF World NuzLocke. A game idea I came up with about 7 months ago, and finally began testing recently, with the help of ZombieGabriel ( and SheppardKiller ( Sheppard actually beat it, which is surprising (It's not really my place to be putting his video in my forum post, so I'll let him decide if he wants to share it. >v0). This is a very difficult speedrun category, and also a strange one. So, discuss. What should be changed? Kept the same? Talk about it. Reddit post here:


I don't mind if you post a link to my video as long as you don't remake the same video and make it your own, I don't generally mind it at all. If you want to see the first completed Nuzlocke Normal Mode challenge from me here's the video:

That entire stream is the whole challenge in 1 sitting, I actually had to be in bed around 1 hour 50 minutes into the stream because it was a school night but I still went and completed it in a single sitting anyways.

Currently I'm in the process of beating FNaF World Nuzlocke Challenge Beat Normal Mode w/ All Characters, Chips, and Bytes and so far I've gotten almost all of the normal 40 characters except for Spring Bonnie and no one has died yet, the Bytes I still need to mark down but so far I've gotten I'd say 1/3 of the Tokens for everything because I'm also considering Armor as part of being the challenge and the Chips were no issue at all but I had to go for specific ones because Unscrew and Esc Key is what can really fuck you over and I want to do as much damage as I can because I don't have much in terms of damage character wise, my chipset is like this: Auto: Shield, Freddle: Fury, Pizza: Fury, and Block: Unscrew, it's a good combo for sure damage and defense wise but for Bosses I switch out Pizza: Fury for the Giftboxes chip because that chip is the only thing allowed to give everyone a second chance but you're still not allowed to use the move Gift Boxes so it's not fun against Security.

I did nearly lose to Security on my first run through of Normal Mode but because of what I'm doing now for the 100% based challenge for normal mode will basically be a lot easier than before because I can do a lot more damage than what I could originally do with the set of characters I had for both parties but for Hard Mode it's definitely gonna be a hard challenge to accomplish and since I've done 2 streams of the 100% Normal Mode Challenge on Nuzlocke even though a 3rd and final stream is definitely needed tomorrow, I think the Hard Mode Challenges even the All trophies and the Ultimate 100% NuzLocke Challenge is gonna require at least 5 to 12 streams depending on the challenge because it really is hard as fuck on Hard Mode in terms of character encounters and having a 4 enemy encounter attacking the same character in your party and since you won't be able to heal them up in time you have to restart if you don't have a minimum of 8 characters to use for 2 parties which made me rage a lot and had to end my stream abruptly because of that but I will try it once I'm on a long break which will come soon but not as of now but I will still try to attempt to complete all of the challenges when I can but for the final one which is speedrunning the whole game as the Ultimate 100% category but with no one being allowed to be reused once they die, that could take a 12 to 18 hour stream depending on how fucking god awful the battles go and how RNG treats me with everything so wish me luck on a run like that in the future because I will definitely be half dead by the time I finish the first run of that challenge.

The optional challenges which requires hacking the game, I don't think I will ever be able to do that because I have no clue how to hack FNaF World at all so I definitely need a tutorial like Puppy promised so I can give those challenges a try just for fucking shits and giggles because why not? I like torturing myself like a fucking donut anyways considering I've beaten almost all of the Call Of Duty Campaigns on Veteran Difficulty (Fuck you BlowTorch and CorkScrew on WaW) which took me a while but I did it just to get the trophies so you know I'm very determined as a completionist to do all of this, hopefully once I do complete the entire Nuzlocke Challenge list and make a post on Reddit about the entire challenge completion, hopefully I get a lot of praise and recognition for the hellish nightmare of a journey it was to go through this game and being fucked so hard in every waking moment of my life beating this thing and maybe DJSterf could give these challenges a try and see how he feels knowing what I had to go through because what I'm gonna be going through in the future with Nuzlocke is definitely gonna be like another World War just erupted because this is one of THE most stressful challenges I've done in a long time.