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As it currently stands, load times are currently not subtracted from 4th Glitch, considering it is so short. With that being said, I've been considering changing this. But before I (or another mod) does, what is your input on this subject?

Thanks, y'all ;D



Yes because loading times are different for some people depending on what type of pc they have.

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I think they should be out but I don't see this making much of an effect on the final run because you're right, it is so short


Well, it differs for everyone. We want every runner to have an equal chance, regardless of the quality of their PC.


JarHead_71 even though you're right that for those who're at the top of their PC game that it won't make so much of a difference, but if you're me, the guy with the 12-15+ second load times, then how am I supposed to compete when load times can literally kill the state of my runs, my new laptop was only 3-4 seconds faster than my Windows Vista load times (Keep in mind this is a Windows 10 laptop) and because load times can be removed from your runs, there was a HUGE change in my ending time to my RTA respectively and there's also a reason why I never seem to do any of the shorter categories that involve load times because of them in the first place.

Another reason would be that I don't like Fixed-Party as I suck considering my overall knowledge and route testing that I've literally spent which really says a lot but you gotta understand that there's a runner or two that still plays this game that has a massive disadvantage to load times, I dare you to try speedrunning the game on my turf, you'll hate it, especially with FIS giving me 40 FPS on the upper levels while the bubble section is just 20 FPS, it's horrible and the hitbox detection is delayed so sometimes your shots will go through everything -__- even the overworld was a bit slow and I could see the damn difference between the Vista and 10 OS versions.

Take it as you will but if I was given a chance to 100% compete with everything even though that's kinda happened (Almost anyways...) I can "try" to make a use out of it but there's still a lot more than just load times, RNG, and the pathing that makes the time good, it's also how fast your overworld movement is compared to everyone else, if you know you're slower than everyone else in the overworld then that's a big issue that kinda kills the mood for shorter categories.

To be honest I have a better chance at doing 100% and 157% on worse computers and I could probably STILL get a World Record because they're easily up for grabs anytime since the times are improvable by a lot, especially my 100% run because I fucked up a lot in the middle and the end of the run but I had some super lucky moments in that run too but I still think my 100% run is shit (Yes I really mean it's that bad), even if it was my first ever speedrun back into the game, still I shouldn't have fucked up that bad and still break World Record or lose a fucking minute and a half on the very last encounter cause I forgot a chip by the time I faced Rainbow and had to go back after the battle was done 😕 (Nice job Sheppard you fucking suck, you've lost consistency again).

Getting rid of load times for 4th glitch could encourage more to try the category out in all honestly but since I suck at opinions cause I seem to be the fucking idiot half the damn time (Yeah no shit I'm that bad at it) then I'll just leave it up to you, don't wanna confuse the hell out of myself too much for one thing.