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So just recently after having a new competitor going up against the top dogs of this leaderboard getting either close or breaking the WR's for some of the FNaF World categories which we all know them by their alias: Alice Soaker

Alice Soaker, the one who came by and earned themselves some pretty nice records after only joining and YouTube, "VERY" recently, has deleted their videos of their speedruns and are now unavailable for viewing as of now.

The only videos left of Alice Soaker on YouTube is the 3 videos they shared on Reddit about them beating the major bosses without any additional assistance from most of the games mechanics that we're used to which I will link here:

It's unknown as to why Alice Soaker would delete their videos in the first place as they seemed to have gotten nice records, that is until what happened during Puppyguy9's stream on Sister Location the other day in the chat. Some of the people who've been with Puppy for a while had suspicions on, "if Alice was cheating" because of the load times they achieved which I think was between ~2-3 seconds on a loading screen, and one person in the stream chat said that on their, "best computer" they stated that they, "could only achieve 6.8 seconds" in load times as opposed to the 2-3 second load times Alice managed in their runs.

Even though I witnessed people starting a bit of drama in the chat about Alice, I will confirm that I've never checked back on those videos and see if there was actually drama in the comments section or what because I thought Alice was pretty good as a runner who could've been sitting in the shadows just watching our runs and analyzing them to see how we got our records and I will admit some of the stuff Alice said like the FredBears in Clock Ending actually had me shocked cause Alice did find a new timesave for any runs that include Clock Ending as part of the category and it really surprised me that Alice wants to delete their account after getting these awesome records:

Along with having a 15K+ Karma account on Reddit and the fact that their YouTube channel doesn't have the records anymore:

Does this mean that Alice faked the runs after the drama stirred up or did Alice do this as a decoy to throw us off or what? Considering Alice, when I gave them the Discord invite and finally noticed them in the Discord server at 5 AM cause Russia and the US have very different time zones, Alice left the next day in the middle of the afternoon and that's what really confused me in the first place about them, if I just gave you the Discord invite to join our Speedrunner Discord server for FNaF World after me and Gabe were being nice to Alice, why would you leave the very next day without knowing that someone like me will notice it immediately.

If Alice's account does get deleted from, would it be safe to say to delete those records as we can't view them anymore on Alice's YouTube channel to clear space for any runs that are deleted from the public eye?

I wish Alice would've at least made a reason as to why they deleted their videos in the first place so we could understand their situation better instead of just shadily doing all of that stuff and of course when the drama started in Puppy's chat, that's when I started to have a suspicion as well but I just wanted to focus on my own channel and my own speedruns because it's not usually the best to go on a witch hunt and rather just stay out of it and hopefully the story should come through and in this case, it really did come in sooner than expected.

To: EeveeSRL, it's your call to make a decision on this matter since you're the only moderator in control of this page as of now.

To: Anyone else viewing this thread: What're your thoughts on this situation? Personally, I have no clue why Alice did this in the first place and I just wanted to shed light on this issue because I noticed all of this happened just a few hours ago from posting this.

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Ok for what ever reason this post decided to bug the fuck out and extend past the borders like the 4th wall has just been broken, what the fuck is this?

NOTE: I recommend zooming the page out to read this if you haven't already.

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Yea? I actually got to see the run before it was deleted! The loading screen time was seem to be edited and shorter than the normal loading time. It's just like that 1 second Universe Ending run, except it's a little different. Also the fact of her (mostly likely female) leaving the Discord chat early with you and Gabe sounds suspicious! The whole run looked like it was editied, and quality was terrible. I think EeveeSRL should look into this. Also, what's the video is proof for your speedrun, since it's gone, the speedrun shouldn't exist too. I think they will deal with it soon.


Right after I made this post last night I made sure to do something before I slept and that was keeping a screenshot of her post:

This morning I just woke up to this:

The shady person is at it again with their antics, you didn't think the Wolf was prepared didn't you Alice?


Hey everyone. Yeah, it all did start since I noticed the comment about my load times. The fact is, I use Bandicam (I really should set OBS up tho) and it has a feature I did not know about until these events, which made me think it's all about my recorder - it auto-pauses the recording if the frame's been the same for more than 3 seconds. Which is why I've taken the videos down. These runs should be deleted from the leaderboards


Well... it would've been nice if you would've told us the day you deleted them so we could've known when you did delete them in the first place. I use Razer Game Booster for FNaF World and it has a free screen recording software built into it that I can use to record for any time I need while also boosting the FPS in my game which is perfect because My Screen Recorder 4, my old recording program I used for my old Condition Zero speedruns and my most recent FNAFB speedrun which works pretty well for those programs, it doesn't like being ran with FNaF World on the same screen even after I restarted my PC to clear the CPU Usage from my Vista. Since my stream from yesterday on me playing FNAFB 2, I noticed that I could possibly stream FNAFB and speedrun it at the same time due to me never experiencing a single bit of lag since the stream started which I didn't notice until now that I played lag free on a stream for once based off of my settings.

Again, thanks for explaining what was going on because after some of the stuff that I noticed before and after the deletions got on to me a bit and considering it was late at night when I made the post, you know I will check around before I sleep if I've missed anything and all of this was what I noticed. Sorry if I acted like a bit of a douche in my posts to upset you or anything.


(To Alice Soaker) You didn't have to delete them! The moderators would of kept them. Your allowed to have runs if it's off a few seconds, it just has to be close with your submitted time. Also, before the runs for deleted, they were approved anyway, so you were fine. Also, you should have said that before hand like in the description of the run so Eevve could of been nice towards you! Sorry, but a run without video proof might have to be gone.


This, ladies and gentlemen, is why you always check I was very late to this XD


No, he speedruns as well, he just hasn't done a speedrun in a little while but eventually we might have a 3 person race on FNAFB 2 which will be interesting to watch but I'm gonna be doing a FNAFB 2 Any% No Debug Room routing stream a bit later today which will show how I go into so much detail on my splits because as much as my buddies ZombieGabe and Puppy have their own simple versions of the splits, I myself go into so much in specifics that I will have a ton more splits to keep track of, but the only reason why you would want a lot more splits is because the more splits you have, the more you can keep track of a specific boss fight or area and it will show where your time could've improved if you had a lot as well but then again you'd have to keep track of ALL of those splits as well but I manage it pretty well despite how stressful it is to split at those right moments. It's just a personal point of reference when it comes down to experience.


@SpiderSponge Yep, I run this game 😃


Not only do I run FNaF World but I also current run Five Nights at F¤ckBoy's 1 Night X Any% and 100% Debug Room along with Five Nights at F¤ckBoy's 2 Any% No Debug Room. I actually just got 2 of the hardest? possible WR's I could grab off of FNAFB 1's Night X Any% and 100% categories because everything has to have almost no mistakes what so ever to pull it off and you need to menu through everything like you're trying to become a fucking human TAS because I literally memorize the inputs to where it becomes muscle memory and very fast keystroking to pull off very fast fights, not to mention getting the WR's I got took me over an hour and a half for both to get while FNAFB 2's Any% No Debug Room was only 1 attempt but I fucking forgot to unmute the audio because I checked Discord real quick and forgot about it, thus making my entire run mute which sucks :(((

I'm still happy with my end results of the records though. Night X Any% is almost sub 10:15 and Night X 100% is 16:5X meaning I can go further on these records but this is almost impossible to achieve with the current strats because the Puppet split is inconsistent and I would need perfect RNG the entire time for Any% to get even remotely 10 seconds from sum of best so my 2 current WR's for FNAFB 1 are extremely hard to beat now.

My current FNAFB 2 Any% No Debug Room WR is still possible to beat but the Real Mic and Real Guitar grinds were short so you need very good RNG from those splits alone to be considered on pace, (and not to mention I fucking got Shadow Bonnie on my only attempt to spawn in the parts and service room which pissed me off because I wasn't allowed to use Debug Room. Thanks Shadow BonBon) but this also depends if your battles end out good because my final 2 BB fights saved a good chunk of time and I now currently stand at a 1:28:25.30 WR time but I will attempt to beat this but since I have school, I might consider doing speedruns of FNAFB 2 on the weekends and still do FNAFB 1 runs on the weekdays, I might do other FNaF games during the weekdays as well just so there's something I can do considering I seem to be streaming a lot more daily than I have done before and it's really helping me out but I still gotta work around everything so I can keep up but I think my runs have been successful so far as well as optimizations go.