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So, I recently had this thought in my head after rethinking some things with FNaF World and I was thinking about TAS/Segmented based runs where you get to see the magic of what a run could potentially have in terms of but not limited to: Best RNG, Fastest Movement, Clean executions, etc.

This got me thinking of why not bring some of the FNaF World community together and since we don't have anything to TAS FNaF World, I was thinking of doing a segmented run for the categories that people would most likely play in the future and have splicings of each individual segment and then put them all together to make it look like a perfect run to make a simulation of what a perfect run on a specific FNaF World category would look like and this could potentially get some people in the community together and help out to make this work, plus this will pique peoples interest in the game and possibly having more people come and play the game for themselves and we can help grow the leaderboards, a win/win for everyone!

Now yes, there is some limitations that can make a segment or 2 here and there be just a tiny bit slower than what you could max out for a specific segment, and not to mention that not everyone has the best equipment here (for example me with a Windows XP) but that doesn't mean that anyone else that's kinda in my situation won't be able to contribute, if there's a part in the game that runs at a smooth 60 FPS for you, then stick with it if you're more than happy with contributing to that section.

Now onto crediting the runners, anyone that has submitted a segment (after we give you some quick feedback on improving it to make it the fastest to be more accurate) and remember, anyone can participate in this, will have their name show up in the corner where everyone can visibly see along with your name for that entire segment recording you made to show thanks for your contribution to the community as it will definitely be appreciated!

Now before I go into specifics, about editing the segmented runs, DON'T put your name for your individual segment in the recording that you made! Your name will be within the first frame to the last frame of your segment recording that you will give to one of us (I don't know who would be in charge of doing the editing so we're gonna have to decide on that) and then we will have all of those edited segments with the names included all in one for a complete segmented run video of the best time you could get for said category and will be gladly uploaded to YouTube and be put in a playlist that we will link in a separate forum post for everyone to check out all of the segmented runs this community has managed to make so far!

I think this will get some of us back in the groove of things and this will involve everybody so don't be afraid to help out! it will be all good and fun for all of us!

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