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I don't think this leaderboard should exist because (I am totally ok with highscore leaderboards, btw) there isn't anything like an endless night. Like, if someone gets 4:30, which is the 6 AM time of each night, and someone else gets the same, then someone else and this keeps on going, everyone will get 1st place which will make the leaderboard ridiculous. I don't know if I'm not seeing something here, but yeah, that's what I want to say..


I don't really understand your point as none of the sections actually have a 4:30 area (except 50/20 mode) and 50/20 mode the longest time is only 2:45 anyways (by Dawko).


May I be added as a moderator, then. There are some errors in the rules which I'd like to fix.

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Why is the actual speedrun content in misc...

Highscores + Survival aspect based categories (like staying alive for as long as possible) aren't speedruns, nor are they really speedrunnable stipulations. I'm not really sure how this game got by the way it is setup. I'm gonna assume the 5 Challenges run was submitted along with the request, because it really shouldn't have gotten through on anything else, in my opinion.

Please change how the board is setup. Score-based stipulations as a primary focus aren't really what the site is currently going for, and the other mode isn't really speedrunnable -- you're literally trying to stay alive longer than anyone else...


I already did