Anyone want to try and help me to figure out these things?

I mean I already have XX figured out for the most part, but refining some things would probably be necessary for some more consistency, if something can be worked out, probably should write out what I did for that. I don't know if 100% would be a thing here, Puppet by itself is a daunting task, can only imagine what the toy versions are like.

XXX is probably not gonna happen, but I do want to see how far it can go before you hit the end of the road. I have played it on the 1.0 Version, the one that I run on, to get the Freddy and Chica from the bathroom. They don't really help in many ways, they can level but without the ability to get the skills they need, they are pretty useless for the end(the only way that I could see that being beat at all is if they could level just a little, like 5 and that is still pushing it). 100% for this is just going to be pretty close to impossible, I don't think that there is anyway possible. Golden Freddy is terrible enough as it is. Don't think that neither the toys nor Puppet seem feasible to beat.


Are you talking about not dying as “end of the road”, (sorry I’m new. Like yesterday New.) I usually play maxed stats and FM room with any difficulty and I’m thinking about speed running XXX since no one has. Either that or the other games on a chill day. If you need some help I could type up a tip list.


I know it should be possible to beat Night XXX, it's just very frustrating because Backup Bash is usually an essential need at the late game stages especially if you're going for every single boss, it's very brutal and even though I personally never played Night XX or Night XXX in either of the 3 games, I've seen one of my friends who played the game casually on streams around the time when I was kinda FNaFB crazy and I would play a lot of the fangames that he was trying Night XX and Night XXX and yeah he was pretty lucky with a couple of his backup bashes but honestly that's the main way of beating either of those two night difficulties because the bosses are much harder and you get less HP and MP to play around and you can't use the Dragon Dildo weapon on the later nights because they wanna torture you, and on top of that you got the Q scenario which is also supposed to be very fucking hard because of the stuff you start off with but I never gave any Q scenario a try because one I never saw it as a category on its own and second it would be very time consuming having to figure everything out and having to know how hard it is just from a personal stand point if I was given the chance to take a shot at it today.


Beating XXX is gonna be extremely annoying in any version of the game. But that is also why I asked if we could use 1.0. Using 1.0 would make the run a little bit easier to try a run of, you get both DD and an extra set of characters(Freddy and Chica that can both level to 20, just cannot get their respective abilities). I do think that it would be nice if we could have separate boards for different versions, just a suggestion.


I play the latest version and I just grind boosts having Bonnie (full mp), chica (full hp) and foxy (full Atk, def) and then I’m set for all the cameras and bosses. In my runs (not noteworthy, somewhere around 7 1/2 hours [i usually boost everyone together on casual runs])

My minimums (with equipment) are around:
380 def on foxy
770 atk on foxy
5000 hp on foxy (doesn’t need to be this high except for puppet and puppet master B.B.)
3000 mp on foxy
380 def on chica
5500 hp on chica
4000 mp on bonnie

Somewhere around the 30,000 token grind range

Freddy is my cake giver and puts guys to sleep since I find it more reliable than foxy’s plank
In my eyes rushdown (although expensive) does more damage per round (dpr) than freddy

I judge my runs based on how fast I can get the defense for foxy against the last party hats

People use foxy to inflict paralyze. I’m not saying I don’t. I use it when I get the pirate combo for the last five bosses in my runs (T.Freddy, T Chica, Puppet, Golden Fredy, Puppet Master B.B,)

Also I’ve noticed that people don’t usually play 100% or even XXX alone. For some odd reason, I do. To be honest I’ve never played a game without killing all the bosses. I’ve recently discovered the FM room by the cake table and I try to run it fast. The bouncers don’t pose that large an issue. The largest issue with the FM area is Phantom BB who is always on a murderous rampage to kill my team. I need new strats to kill him sooner that doesn’t include maxing stats. I usually max stats in that room because the cards give around 300 tokens and in some cases if all 8 show up can reach the 1000’s per battle.

Last thing, I’m new and have never recorded in my life. If anybody can give me tips on what you guys use to record that’d be great.


I usually streamed the game when I did my runs but if I was to get a chance to do it again, probably bandicam or OBS would be my go to for when I do my next runs in the future. 100% was not as hard as you'd think for both Debug and No Debug Room, it's just about luck and getting the feel of the route that you have to take just to make it work, and I did have specifics I wanted for runs just to make it work out. FNaFB 2 is harder than you'd think just for the Any% category because of how long it is length wise but because I know a 40 minute time save for the route itself, I basically could chop my own record in half if I was able to get the chance to do it all over again.

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