Chapter 5 back up strat?
5 years ago

Had to reset 3 runs of the game due to al not cooperating any recommendation on a back up?

United States

Against horned golem I'm assuming. I watched a bit through your recent Twitch VOD and noticed you didn't have fasthold gloves on, so make sure you have those on, as well as make sure you get the pole before going into the boss fight. If you go for the pole at the start you will lure the boss and have a bad start.

As for AL the way his AI works is that whenever you command him to do something he will queue it up until he can finally do the action and the only exception is when he gets hit. If you command him to jump on the cannon and he gets hit make sure to command him again. The best way to deal with the boss is hit him as many times with the pole as possible to stun him and prevent him from attacking AL. Once you have a good combo meter stay close to the boss so that he will be more likely to do his close range attack (not the swipes) which the pole will cancel. Other than that the only thing you have to deal with is body slams. In my latest PB I ended up handling it pretty well. The boss fight is super difficult and requires a lot of practice.

I'll be making a Discord server for these games soon.

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Thanks EZ will work on it

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