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So as Grim said a while back, you can wreck your car to skip a race, which gives you one point to the cup leaderboard. To finish a cup and proceed to the next one you need at least 3rd place
But that's where the problem is. The ratio of races finnished (legit way) and the ones where you wrecked yourself at the end would be like 2:1, making it quite a lot of going backwards and hitting other cars and walls.

It also really depends on RNG of the cars, if they all miss you, you can easily lose 30 seconds, while it's not often you'd lose 30 seconds on a race. That makes being good at racing less important than hitting opponents correctly.

I want these speedruns to stay fun, not be "Who can wreck himself the fastest".
I don't know how that would be avoided though, you could disallow wrecking yourself, invalidating I think every run so far (not really a great option), make it so you have to win every cup, invalidating nuu's runs, or make it a different category, something like glitchless in other speedruns (which I guess would be the best option?). Option 2, winning every cup in Derby/Race/Street could also be a separate category.
What are the mods thoughts on this?

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I'm not a mod of this game, but I don't see why this should not be allowed or moved to a different category. It's not a glitch and it doesn't save that much time from what I know. It's simply a strat, although a bit questionable, but speedrunning racing games will always be a bit awkward compared to other genres due to having sometimes a really weird tricks/strats.


Yea the problem I see here is, by racing poorly you can loose like 20 seconds on one race (that rarely happens), while when opponents miss you when you try to wreck yourself you can loose like one minute if not more and it's not that uncommon.

Although I just did a run of Derby class involving new use of old strats and maybe it's not that bad as I had thought.
You wreck yourself 9 times or more if you're lucky and complete normally 19 races (huh I didn't know my made up ratio was actually right).

I still think a wreckless category or something like that would be a good thing. But I don't make the call.


Yeah, either a new category for Wreckless stuff or a simple variable for the full run categories.
So if you'd submit a run, you could check whether or not it's a Wreckless run. On the leaderboard you could then easily filter by the ones who use it and those who don't.

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