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Hi guys,
I am planning on running this game.
I own the old retail version of the game (don't have the CD anymore but I have copied the files from computer to computer) and I wanted to ask, if I can submit a run on it (I will probably have also a live stream on twitch) or do I have to use the Steam version (it is discounted atm so I can buy it.)
Also in my retail version, pressing the "Enter" key really fast sometimes results in flickering/black screen at the start of the race and the race needs to be restarted and I assume the Steam one doesn't have this problem, will it be considered a legal run if I get that bug?
Thanks for the replies in advance.

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Well I also have the retail version and there weren't any complications with me being unable to submit a run.
But in my version I have some troubles with capturing the game and because of how I set it up to do so, I have to alt tab to split. Also if 5-6 cars get wrecked game starts lagging like crazy.
So if you ask me as long as there aren't any differences in the game it doesn't matter. But because of what I said earlier and you pointing out the sale, I'm most likely gonna get the steam.
Good luck on the runs, always cool seeing more competition. 😉


Thanks for the reply! ^^
Well, I did try some local recordings and the game didn't lag for me ever, though I never tried to crash most/all the enemies and locally recording I didn't have any issues (except my microphone getting quiet from time to time).
My "bug" that appears only wastes 3-6 seconds as it only appears at a start of a race where the screen begins to "burn" in black and red and I don't see anything else, so the only cure for this is just to get out of the race (restart race doesn't fix it) and start it again. Another thing I saw is starting the game and then start streaming with OBS, the race turns completely white and even restarting a race doesn't work, I need to go out of career mode, start a free race, quit the race and then enter career mode again to fix it.
I will probably get the steam version as backup eventually, hope the 2 versions don't interfere with each other in the game files or registry.

EDIT: I removed last part of this post as it is not relevant to my original question.