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Hey! Can we have a 100% category in the full-game leaderboards? I don't know if anyone will ever do it, but having it there won't hurt anybody, right?
100% of course meaning you have to 1st place every single cup, stunt, derby and event. The career page says that you have completed it 100% when you have all the cups done, but that is obviously not accurate.
When you are choosing your profile, it says your game progress, which means the career progress. For my profile where I have done pretty much everything, every cup and final and so on, it says 99% because I have two stunts in the street class 2nd place, so that "game progress" should be a good indicator of 100%. Of course it is pretty obvious with all the gold medals.

Also, can we have three more of 100% categories, one for each class? If the class 100% categories are possible, can the rules be set so that the class final would also have to be completed?


I'll get up the 100% the Game on now, but I don't know how to have for Car Class Race Any% and 100% options, if you know what I mean.