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I will most possibly start making FlatOut2 speedruns. I just have a few questions.

"The run starts as you start the first race and ends after the last race ends. You must race through all the Derby Class cups."

What exactly does this mean? I know this has also been asked in a previous thread, but I thought I should make a new thread because I got other questions as well.
Do we also do the stunts? Do we only have to get the bare minimum to get to the Derby Finals? Or do we do the finals? (as in the four final races, do we do the derby one?)

On the Demolition Derby, do we need to get the derby over as fast as possible, all dead? Do we need to get to the first spot?

Doing the fastest lap, is it allowed to setup the map for doing one fast lap? As like destroying everybody else or moving junk around to make it easier to get just one fast lap?

On Level Leaderboard, do we need to do the 4 lap race or can we get one from the career that has less laps? As for example El_Nacho has a run on Water Canal 1 with 3 laps.
Or do 4 lap races but use modified cars from the career?

Sorry for so many questions, but I feel like the rules explained are too vague. I'd gladly help with anything!


I thought what I wrote at the time made sense, but now it doesn't really make sense.

For Derby Races, it just means to get from Derby Initiation to Special Forest Derby Cup, and you must do all races that allow you to make it to the Special Forest Derby Cup.

Stunts and Derby Bowls are not necessary, because they're not races, and are just little things that don't really matter.

On Demolition Derby, you need to get all drivers totaled and you being the only survivor.

For fastest lap, using the map is allowed and shouldn't matter. Hitting things ( like objects and other racers) makes your Turbo go up, so it would help to hit them, but just be careful not to not go for things that can ruin the race.

For the Level Leaderboard, just do Single Race and the 4 laps. For Nacho's run, I didn't realize it was out of 3 laps, and that run is no longer allowed.

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Thank you! I will be soon back with many runs. (Or races?)


"For the Level Leaderboard, just do Single Race and the 4 laps. For Nacho's run, I didn't realize it was out of 3 laps, and that run is no longer allowed."

Well that's ok, but you should put that on the rules, as I assumed playing the races straight out of career mode was enough, this isn't stated anywhere on the IL rules or... anywhere really.


No problem Nacho, it was my fault for not specifying.


On the Full-game Leaderboard, Derby Class can be easily done with just a fresh profile/character. How are the Race Class and Street Class runs completed?


The only way I can think about it, is through cheats or through completing the previous classes.


Got another question about completing the Derby Class. You said earlier that you need to complete the last derby cup, so is it allowed to just skip the other three cups, or do we need to complete them all so that we unlock the Venom/Derby Finals/complete the level? Sorry this might be a dumb question.


All you need to do is beat the necessary cups in order to get to the last derby cup. So if the other 3 cups are necessary, then yes, do them.


As the any% requires you to do the Grand Final, shouldn't the Derby, Race and Street classes require you to do the finals for them as well?
If we just have to get to the Special Forest Derby Cup, it would mean that we skipped two whole cups and the Derby Class is not counted as being complete by the game.
Or maybe not the finals but just so that we unlocked the finals etc. Would make the category a lot clearer, or that's what I think.
Just have the rules for all of the classes as "The run starts as you start the first race and ends after the last race of the corresponding final ends."
Also I thought a way of setting rules for doing the race and street classes. Just have them the same way but you have to gather enough money on a fresh character until you can buy a car for the right class. Having it any other way would make it unfair. Someone could just gather all the money possible (or do the cheat code) and buy all upgrades and so on. It will make the race and street cups really grindy but... Can't really do anything else, or I can't think of anything else.


Will I ever get a response? Nobody knows!


To be honest, I don't know how to respond to it. I don't want to pull out an idea which will completely reconstruct the idea of any%, or ruin Grim's run.


No I mean it would work the same way then. any% needs the Grand Final done so if it's made so that the Derby Class needs the Derby Finals done it would basically be the any% run but only the derby part.


I feel like the purpose of the game is to get through Derby, Race and Street. That's why they're seperated.


Derby Finals. Not Grand Finals. Just the Derby Final part that you unlock when you conquer all of the derby class cups.


So if not the Derby Finals, just all of the derby cups? And not skipping any so that we get the 100% on the derby part? (that doesn't include any stunts/demolitions)


I hate to say it, but I am confused. I am horrible at reading,


Okay, I finally understood what you're asking.

I feel like Grand Finals are separate from Derby, Race and Street, as it has it's own individual Cups and stuff like that.


Okay, that is fine. But please have it so that it is needed to do all the cups in all of the three classes? I don't think it makes much sense to skip two of the cups on level three and only do the third/final cup.
I'd say that it would make a lot more sense if the run ended when the clip starts (similar to the one when you complete the grand finals), indicating you have completed the derby class.


So I'm planning on doing some runs, and I agree with tekt, when all race cups in the derby/race/street class are done, it shows that you have derby cup at 100% and you have 8/8 cups done, and I think that is when the run should end. Just have it say "The run ends as you cross the finish line, completing all derby cups." or something similar.

Also, I think I know how to solve the problem with starting the Race and Street Class categories. Just make 2 savefiles, one for race, one for street with an x ammount of money, I'd say just enough to buy starting cars of a certain class and put the savefiles in the resources. Have it be written in the rules that the proper savefile must be used and that's it.

Tomorrow I'll make the savefiles, RaceSR and StreetSR, not waiting for anyone's response, as it may take some time and I'll see how this goes.