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Hi guys,
so I went to recently and found out, that no one has raced Flatout 2 there, there aren't any categories saved there at all.
I think it would be really fun to race other people in this game live, where all funny and frustrating moments will remain in the video.
I think any% and Derby Class might get popular among other people who own Flatout 2 but never played it.
I am even up to (oh... dare I say it...) racing the 100% category.
Anyone want to share their thoughts on this?


A race of Flatout 2 has been done before, just not on SRL. It was any% with Ewil, Grim and Seven in August 2016 and it was quite entertaining. Grim was the only person to upload their time to the leaderboard but they have since deleted their account. I wanted to join in on that race back then but my internet is unstable and not very fast as well as the fact the run is quite long.


For now my internet is worse than slow, I can't even upload any new times because of data quota.
But I should have new internet in summer, and a lot of free time as I'll be finishing high school, so I'm down to do some derby class or even any%.
Racing the 100% category... Hell no! I can't even do these whole acrobatic events! (unless there is some trick to them I don't know about)


I'm happy that there is interest in racing Flatout 2, and I'm sorry to hear about your internet guys (and/or girls) 😕
Whenever your internet works fine, I'll be up for a race or two.
Since I haven't found anyone to race this week, I might spontaneously just "speedrun" 100% in the next days, see how that goes.
Who knows, someone might even get motivated to race 100% someday, it shouldn't take more than 11 hours (not counting tiredness factor or really bad RNG) ^.^