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i understand that wrecking yourself to skip the race is a strategy, but it's kind of a gamble on who can get wrecked the fastest.
Maybe there could be a category where you either need to get all gold cups (not necessarily all gold medals) to pass?
I know there's 100% but it is only for the full game, and I'll admit, I just can't win some of the stunts against the AI.

P.S. also, the class categories say the timer starts when the race starts; what does that exactly mean? Timer starts when GO! apprears?

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My best Derby Class time is a 1:26 (unsubmitted) and most most of my major timelosses were because I'm really bad at deliberately wrecking myself. xd
This new category that you suggest would definitely make runs more about driving skill rather than the efficiency in which you can wreck yourself.


Even though it's just a small thing, but how should the two Derby events (Grand Finals) be handled? Do you need to win or can you just get wrecked or an "out of time"?


Yea it's something I mentioned earlier too (the wreckless category for class speedruns), wrecking yourself needs proper strategy, but it's still very random Besides it would be nice to have a category like glitchless, but the closest to a useful glitch in this game is abusing the wrecked mechanics.

You can wreck yourself in 50 seconds and when you don't manage to do that in that time you automatically lose like 50 sec. When you're really unlucky it might take like two and a half minutes, so you can lose A LOT of time just being unlucky throughout the whole run.

But at the same time when I was testing wrecking on one map, I was able to constantly get like 45 sec (by constantly I mean I did it 4 times in a row, then after a break I started a run and didn't do it), so I bet with a lot of practice It can be not that random.

As for the timer, I believe me and few other people started the timer as you skip through the message Enter START RACE, while I saw some started the timer when it says GO. Sadly the rules are very vague, but it's only 3 second "time loss".


I'd also like to see 'Wreckless' being a thing for certain categories. There's many reasons for it, as some of us already mentioned here.
I think the best solution would be to set up subcategories (Wreckless / Wreckfest? :D) for all the categories in question. That'd be a quick fix that's easily set up.

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