Derby Class [Wreckless]

By CPZCPZ. Last updated

Hello everyone!

Last month I successfully achieved my goal, Derby class wreckless under 1:30. In this guide I'll try to explain how I did it and possibly help you to get new PB.




Your start money is 5000 CR. I always preferred Malice as a start car. Believe me, you want to go with Roamer. Even if you save money with malice and spend them on upgrades before you start racing, you will lose time later. So, you have stock, heavy and slow 4x4 Roamer. Let's begin first cup.



Your racing style should be CLEAN & SMOOTH. This means to use optimal driving line, less drifting and avoid props, which can slow you down. Obtaining nitro is another case. Cut corners and try not to lose speed on corner exits. Be very gentle while steering, especially if you just want to avoid something on track, simply avoid aggressive steering which results drift and losing momentum of your car. Avoid dangerous jumps (again, obtaining nitro is another case) which can slow you down. Prefer straight sections of track.

Nitro is another case, like I said. Use nitro if you lose momentum or while exiting sharp corner to gain speed on straight sections. You can also use nitro to destroy heavy structures such a gate or wood palettes which can slow you down or makes your car out of control. If you lack nitro, go ahead and try your luck on dangerous jumps, if you want. Most of time you'll obtain nitro for air time so if you have nitro, use it before you jump to have longer air time. Never use nitro, when you are achieved top speed of your car, use it to gain momentum. Some lightweight types of props are "nitro farms", for example glass, lines of cones and pipes in Water Canals, smash them if you can.

If you crash, overspin or just lose a lot of speed with momentum, hold brake and spam "reset" button to reset your car back to track with speed. Resetting your car may be faster than gaining momentum from scratch. You can also skip one corner in City Central 1, just enter the park and drive to the right, near the stone fence, then hold brakes and spam reset button to get successfully back on track with speed behind the corner exit.



This and Sunday Smash Derby cup is most important. Why? Because racing style is a little bit different than you can expect. You don't want to be clean and fastest, but aggressive. That's because you want more race rewards and smashing opponents is the only way you can earn additional money. That money will be used on upgrades. You should be able to overtake opponents by one lap so smash them from behind and farm money. Three main categories for upgrading: Engine, Gearbox and Exhaust.

So, we completed first race. Big question: How much money you have? Let's see what we have on shopping list 😃 :

Roamer Upgrade Parts
Fuel & Filter Kit: 1200 CR
Nitro Kit: 1700 CR
Modified Tuning Kit: 1000 CR
Modified Turbo Kit: 1600 CR
Modified Gearbox: 800 CR
Modified Exhaust: 200 CR
Modified Manifold: 200 CR
Full Engine Upgrades: 5500 CR
Full Gearbox Upgrades: 800 CR
Full Exhaust Upgrades: 400 CR
Total: 6700 CR

While upgrading, choose that parts, to spend much money as you can. In case you have enough money for two parts under one section, go with two upgrades instead of one expensive. After first race, you will definitely spend money for an upgrade. For example: I have 1800 CR after first race so I'll go with Nitro Kit [1700 CR] and NOT with Modified Tuning Kit [1000 CR]. But if I have 2200 CR after first race, I'll go with Fuel & Filter Kit [1200 CR] and Modified Tuning Kit [1000 CR] because I can buy two parts instead of one. While upgrading with small amount of money, stay in one section and try to avoid crossing between two and more sections. In case you have enough money to buy all rest of parts, go for it.

So we spend money after first race. Let's use same strategy in second race. Be aggressive again and earn additional money. After second race, spend money for upgrades.



In this cup, be more clean & smooth than previous cup. Avoid time losing crashes and crash only when you have speed and opponent not. You'll have to get enough money to buy rest of parts from our shopping list. Try to upgrade car after you get enough money. After completing this cup you should have Roamer with all engine and gearbox upgrades.



Use same strategy like in Sunday Smash Derby cup. Crash only in great situation, try to get additional race awards from smashing but keep in mind that you have to be fast.



For these last three cups you will buy new car, which you just unlocked. I recommend to go with Splitter because it seems to be best choice in Handling/Speed/Money. For this car, the shopping list is more expensive than Roamer.

Splitter Upgrade Parts

Port & Polish: 1600 CR
Fuel & Filter Kit: 1200 CR
Nitro Kit 1: 1700 CR (We don't want that one)
Nitro Kit 2: 5000 CR
Modified Tuning Kit: 1000 CR (We don't want that one)
Racing Tuning Kit: 3000 CR
Modified Turbo Kit: 1600 CR
Modified Gearbox: 800 CR
Clutch & Flywheel: 700 CR
Modified Exhaust: 200 CR (We don't that one)
Racing Exhaust: 700 CR
Modified Manifold: 200 CR
Full Engine Upgrades: 12400 CR
Full Gearbox Upgrades: 1500 CR
Full Exhaust Upgrades: 900 CR
Total: 14800CR
[NOTE: We will NOT buy Nitro Kit 1, Modified Tuning Kit and Modified Exhaust, totals are without these parts.]

So... buy new car first and then sell Roamer. If you have at this point 14800 CR, congrats, buy full engine, gearbox and exhaust upgrades and complete the run. If not, then you will lose additional time on track and in menus, unfortunately... The magic is to have enough money for new car and all parts that we want. Selling upgraded Roamer will give us additional 5650 CR. Let's do some calculation:
(1st) Derby Intiation Cup: 900 CR
(1st) Sunday Smash Derby: 1100 CR
Promote to Level 2 reward: 5000 CR
(1st) Bay Area Derby Cup: 1500 CR
(1st) Spring Smash Derby Cup: 1700 CR
(1st) Canals Special Derby Cup: 1600 CR
Promote to Level 3 reward: 7500 CR
Selling Roamer: 5850 CR
Incomes if you win all 5 cups and sell Roamer (No race rewards): 25150 CR

Roamer: 0 CR (Because we buy it from starting money)
Full Roamer Engine Upgrades: 5500 CR
Full Roamer Gearbox Upgrades: 800 CR
Full Roamer Exhaust Upgrades: 400 CR
Splitter: 12000 CR
Full Splitter Engine Upgrades: 12400 CR
Full Splitter Gearbox Upgrades: 1500 CR
Full Splitter Exhaust Upgrades: 900 CR
All expenses we have in this run: 33500 CR

As you can see, you must get 8350 CR in race rewards in your whole run. To be clear, Roamer will be upgraded after first two cups and you get 7000 CR only for winning cups and promote to level 2. Why to be aggressive first two races of our run and get rewards then? Because you have heavy car and slow AI. That's why you have to lose time in beginning and profit in last three cups. Last three cups are about speed and smooth driving. Having fully upgraded Splitter before starting last three cups is best scenario, which will boost your PB a lot because you have fast car and don't have to be in upgrade menus.



If you get to this point of guide, you should be able to get new PB immediately 😃 . Go for it. You have everything you need to achieve sub 1:30. Basically, all the magic really happen in first two cups, where you lose time to profit later (Because you have faster car and already did upgrades, you easily overtake yourself because of this later).

My name is CoopeZz, this is Derby Class Wreckless guide, see you on leaderboards 😊 .