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This specifically, is it Sega Genesis or DOS or what, I'm planning to buy it (and then run it), but I'm not sure if it even fits the categories here. From what I read, you can turn off rewind and filters and the game apparently accepts DOS passwords.


I got the same from GOG. It's known as "25th Anniversary", though not its official name.

It's actually a Unity port but feels pretty much the same as original DOS except for a few modern enhancements that can be disabled by selecting "Classic" mode. There are bonus points scattered around the maps that you can collect to unlock "street art". They kinda stick out but aren't likely to slow you down. Otherwise, looks the same as the original (with upscaling).

Interesting thing is that this is the 1993 version (like the SNES version) which means you can't do the turn-around wall glitches but you can do the forward-facing ones. There's no password support, but you unlock levels for level select as you complete them. Apparently you can't remap controls (keyboard mapping is the same as the DOS version), but it does have XBox gamepad support. Or, if you're looking for a new challenge, it also has mouse support!

That's all I know. Not sure how the console versions compare, but I'd expect them to be fairly identical. Seems pretty solid for speedrunning purposes.


As you can see the boards are still pretty small so together we go from there ya know 🙂 There's sooo many damn ports of this game. Just like Another World. With any time difference I always make it fair no matter what. I think for this It should be submitted under PC? I'll create the Amiga Category as well so you can submit your time for that if ya like Tasco


Oh I wasn't the one running the Amiga version, but it's all good. 🙂

Yeah the small differences between all the ports kinda makes things pretty crazy. Doesn't help that glitches aren't consistent across all versions, but also the game is so CPU bound you can't compare runs played on different consoles due to varying amounts of lag.

In case you want to clean up the boards a bit: From the Edit Game page, you can mark the ports that don't have any posted runs to be hidden (or put under Misc. subcategory, rather). The option is kinda buried but it's there. Variables tab -> Edit value for the port -> Enable "Misc.". Then just remember to undo that when you have new runs come in for one of those.

Also, make sure you enable all the possible platforms so they can be selected when players submit runs. (These are the platforms that are listed on the sidebar.) Looks like PC and Amiga aren't yet enabled, so they also won't show up when browsing the site for games by platform.