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Which does, by the way, include this game as a bonus feature. I have no clue which category it would fit under (well, not the 25th anniversary category), but presumably Xbox 360, PS3, and PC need to be added as platforms. The game can absolutely (and legitimately) be played on those platforms. I'm trying to access it on my PC version of the remake (it's proving more difficult than you might expect) but at the very least I'll want to check it out on PS3 (available with no strings on that version of the game) and potentially run it.

(unless of course runs of that version would belong on the leaderboard for the remake, but that seems wrong to me)


To my surprise, my game request has already been approved (only took a day). I don't know if your game title and URL were changed without your input, but I'm perfectly willing to have the titles be Flashback (1993) and Flashback (2013) or even just Flashback and Flashback (2013) (to be transparent, I did suggest giving this game its full title in the Additional Notes of my game request, but this is just one possibility).

We should probably figure out that matter about runs of the original done inside the remake. I'll also request a series (and if it gets approved, I'll set up Fade to Black as a game and mod brandooates for it).