Flashback Mobile debug mode found
1 year ago

I don't expect much excitement for the iOS version of Flashback, but I've stumbled upon the app's SRDebugger menu which has not been disabled in the app store release. Video linked at end of post.

Speaking of Flashback Mobile, I'm not anticipating a surge of Flashback Mobile speedruns, but its touch control mode does have some significant differences in how the game plays — you seem to be unable to duck or roll without first pulling the gun out (among other movement limitations), and Conrad does not take knockback or flinch at all when getting hit (in most scenarios). Both of these changes were made to accommodate gameplay designed to be done with swipes of one finger and no on-screen buttons. I found getting used to these controls to be as difficult as playing Flashback for the first time and being unfamiliar with its controls. If you're looking for a new-fangled and less familiar way to play Flashback and are willing to hand over $2.50 to SFL Interactive to play this port, I think Flashback Mobile is worth checking out, especially if you're curious about the 25th Anniversary Edition and don't want to buy it from Steam at full price.

With nearly 20 different ports of Flashback and not many runs for any of them, I definitely don't think creating a new category for Flashback Mobile or its touch control mode is necessary with it being one of the least significant ports, but I thought it would be worth bringing up some things that might come into play if this version does get some traction.

Demonstration of Flashback Mobile's debug menu is linked below, starting at 2:12. I haven't played around with it too much, so I don't know if there's anything that can be done from here other than reading some technical information from the console and messing with the game's language / control settings, but maybe someone else could get something neat out of it. I've put a little more information in the video description, so read that if you're lost. I'm not being paid by SFL Interactive and this is not an April Fool's Day joke. I did consider just submitting this video as a Flashback speedrun for April Fool's Day but decided I didn't want my runs getting banned before even getting one verified. I hope this hasn't been too off-topic from Flashback speedrunning, but I thought this forum would be the best place to post.

I'm new to this site and to speedrunning as a whole. I hope to expand the Flashback leaderboards primarily for the SNES / no-glitch category and maybe double the size of the lonely Fade to Black leaderboard if I have a full run of that game in me, since both games are pretty quiet here and I've always thought Flashback deserves attention.

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Thanks for posting this? Honestly? Another World and Flashback has way to many Fackin ports, It's hard to keep up.