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You can post your contact info here should any new runners look to contact you for further questions on your game. You can reach me by Twitch PM at Gwimpage or twitter @_Gwimpage.

Hey there my name is Sage and I've been playing Fire Emblem almost 10 years now. I was first introduced to SRPG's as a 6 year old kid with FFT, I was oblivious to the dark plot and find it hilarious to this day I never understood any of the plot when I was younger.

My first Fire Emblem game was FE8 and I immediately got hooked and have been playing ever since. I picked up FE speedrunning in the summer of 2013 when I bumped into Vykan12 and CronobladeVII racing RD on SRL. I was astonished to find anyone even racing the game and was destroyed after joining. Since then Vykan has taught me everything I know about FE speedrunning and now run Radiant Dawn and Path of Radiance. After AGDQ 2015 I'm looking into running FE7.


I'm Rosael and my first introduction to FE was actually Radiant Dawn. I played through it on normal a few years ago after renting it from blockbuster and was never able to finish because I had to take the game back.

A few years later I saw Vykan12 streaming FE8 on SRL and I got sucked back in and was a stream viewer for a while. Then Gwimpage sent me his potato disc of FE 10 so I could start running it, and while I have yet to get good I still really enjoy playing the games.


I'm DXSteveX, you can telle me Steve 😊 The first time i have watch a FE speed run that was Path of Radiance with RushinAssassin. I just say.... Yeah that's very cool to watch...

And after i have watch Bertin who run FE8... that was so nice and sick run... i have start to run without rng manipulation.

The first FE i have play is FE3 on Super Famicom when i was a little boy but japanese was so hard for me, i don't beat this game... ^^

My favotite FE is 8 and 13. I love 6,7,10 too.

I love another game too like : Mega Man, Street Fighter, Touhou, Skyrim, Terranigma...


Hey there; Holsety here, obviously got my name from FE4. I've been into Fire Emblem for a few years now. I'm not especially into speedrunning them yet, but I was kinda interested in starting to.

I've technically done an attempt Lyn Mode before, but I didn't know the route at all. I haven't decided a game to start with but maybe I'll go ahead and learn the FE7 route one of these days.


Hey, LouLouCore here, got my name from a childhood nickname/music style i was listening at the time. Ive been speedrunning Wind Waker HD for like a year (probably a bit more) but i wanted to something different. So here i am!

So, ive been introduce to the FE series with Secred Stones when i was around 8. I liked knights, magic, dragin and stuff so i guess my parents tought id be a fun for me. Well they were right. I fell in love with the game even if i didnt understand anything.

I will definitly learn this FE ( and many others) but ive decided to run the latest entries of the serie ( Birthright, Conquest and revelation). Did one attemp for birthright and i guess it went well ( stil need to get verified ) Anyway i havent done any routing/guide yet but ill definitly will!

For any info you can contact me on my twitter @LouLouCore94 or my twitch account: LouLouCore

Gl all!


Hi all, I'm Raagentreg,

I'm completely new to the speedrunning scene, other than watching a lot of GDQs and very much want to get into running Fire Emblem Fates in some way/shape/form, as I do love the new game.

I've played a few FEs beforehand - Blazing sword, Sacred Stones and Awakening I've all completed at least once, while I never got into RD or Shadow Dragon.

I'm still in the process of getting youtube and twitch sorted so I can actually record runs, but I'll be practicing until it's all set up!


Hey! I'm Dew. Long time fan of Fire Emblem, I've played them all save Radiant Dawn. I've been wanting to speedrun the games for a VERY long time, but havent had the means to. Now that I have some decent equipment, I want to try and speedrun a few of the older and newer games. (FE2/4, FE13/15) I'm new to the speedrunnning scene, and any and all advice is a huge help!


Yo, i'm Ziggy McDougal, though most just refer to me as "Zig." I have quite a bit of experience with the series as the only games I haven't finished are FE1 and the spinoff games. My favorite game is FE12 and i've beaten that game on lunatic reverse more times than I bother to remember. I've been doing a couple test runs for FE12 and wondered if I can get in touch other players to help optimize my speedgame. I am still new to the FE speedrunning scene so any advice is appreciated. My discord tag is Ziggy McDougal #7720.

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Hewwo! My Name is LoPo! I have a current obsession of Fire Emblem and have gone through All of the games save FE3 Book 2 and FE12, as well as never finishing FE5. My favorite is, Duh Dun Dun, PATH OF RADIANCE! I've only beaten it on Normal US mode, and plan to beat it on Hard, as well as Maniac mode sometime in the future, however, I'm also doing a number of personal Practice for a speedrun of Normal mode and MAYBE Easy, depends if it's redundant or not hee hee. Mostly it's a personal independence motivator for me, so I'll be keeping to myself until my first submission if your curious about the FE9 SpeedRun. Anyway, My Discord Tag is LoPo#9293, twitch is, and YT name is also LoPo (Cant get a link to work). I got MAD into Speedruns recently so I'm excited to start digging my teeth in a little. >wO


Hi guys, I'm FFG_Kagero. I love Fire Emblem, and currently speedrun the 2 games not up there, Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light and Fire Emblem Gaiden. Despite being a high schooler, I still try to give it my all and cut through those WRs! My favorite game is FE4, but I don't want to optimize it until I have the SDBL WR.