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Hello my fellow Speedrunners, it's about time we do that so let me get straight to the point :

- Beat 'em ups method of categorizing runs often allow players to use the character they want (according to how different they play in the game and aren't just basic "clone") The difficulty is also a big point in the runs, sometimes we use the easiest and hardest difficulty, some other time we even allow every single one of them depending on how drastically different they are. It had good results overall (Streets of rage 2) but also bad ones when you allow too many (Streets of rage 3)

- In the case of Final fight 3, the enemies on Expert are more numerous and some of them got more HP but the biggest difference is the AI being really aggro, most of the things you can do on easy gets often punished on Expert making the run incredibly more complex.

Now @huxxnyhuxxny said he acknowledged the differences but you must know, at that time, easy runs weren't good and didn't reached the level of expert run done by Murphy.

So now we clearly see that even a sub 21 is possible on Easy, i propose a community vote to create Sub categories for each characters and routes (including the misc categories) adding Easy and Expert.

- You can also voice your intent to add the other difficulties such as Normal and Hard if you feel like the game need them.

I do only vote for Easy and Expert, it doesn't seem important to add the rest of the difficulties seeing how close the times are, 2~4 Mins separate the extremes when games like SOR2 got a 3~5 mins gap between each difficulties so the extreme gap is around 20~25mins which is more relevant.

i'll tag some of the active runners to get a ping to see the thread has been created, @Nobleboy77Nobleboy77 @LRock617 @inSighTinSighT @cooney890 @manticor5manticor5

Thank you for taking your time to address this subject everyone.


Easy and Expert would be fine to be added in this leaderboard. Besides, all runs submitted are done by using Easy and Expert, so it will be fine to add those 2 difficulties separated @Sm_IzumiSm_Izumi

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