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So 3 things that could improve the current leaderboards, making it easier for ppl to submit runs with correct informations:

1) Adding the other difficulty levels, Easy, Normal, Hard, instead of only having the option to select Expert...

2) Adding the other platforms available like WiiU VC and New 3ds VC, and idk but it might also be available on regular Wii VC...

3) Setting up rules, which i think are basically SDA timing in a nut shell, start when taking control of character, stop on last boss final hit...

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So, Dugongue, if you ever found 5mins to fix those leaderboards, i'm really enjoying running this game and i started doing runs of what i call Warpless, where i basically go through the game w/o using any of the skips (the doors in the background or breaking the bus stop on lv3...), so if you could add this 2nd category, that would be greatly appreciated!! ;D


Send a message to him on Twitter, huxx


yeah, i guess i should...


What the heck is this warpless madness ? it is part of the game and it's called different Route... Why not start a category called super easy with cheat option mode activated so you OS all enemies and get another pointless "WR" xD

The difficulties is kinda a non sens since no one is actually able to beat the expert time on less difficult mode but if you beat the expert time then run easiest modes would be relevant.


The doors in the background are pretty much the equivalent of pipes in SMB and in stage 3 if you break the bus stop the level ends early... the idea behind this category is to see more of the game, like the warpless run of the game that inspired the name i gave to this category, that make the game longer but more challenging...

Now i really do enjoy running that game, and its just one of the way i challenge myself, i'm not asking you nor anyone else to appreciate it, but i do hope it will inspire someone to try and run this game knowing there's more than one way to do it!!

Also i didn't make it to have Free WRs, as a pioneer in many games, i don't enjoy that much having undeserved/uncontested time, its just the way it happen to be, on the contrary, like most speedrunners, i thrive on compitition and i just want to see the time in the game i enjoy to go down, i want to inspire ppl to run games that deserve more love... i simply want ppl to look at my runs and be like «hey, i can beat that» and actually do it!!

So in that regard, i strongly encourage you or anyone else reading this, to pick up that game (or any other that i run) and show me and everyone else how its done!! ;D

Now i do believe and i intend very much to beat the WR time on Easy since there is less ennemies and most of them have less hit points so in theory it should be faster... which will eventually present me with another dilemma: once i achieved a faster time, i'll be able to say that i have the WR, but only for Easy mode, not for Extreme since it is way harder (at least a bit) and i have way too much respect for the actual WR run to pretend mine would be better if it isn't done on the same level of difficulty... so at that point, i might have consider making the difficulty setting a sub-category instead...


Hi! My brother and I did a video of Final Fight 3 and uploaded it a few days ago, but the video review is taking too long. Is there anything we can do to simplify the process?

Thank you very much! Waiting for answer. \o

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"1) Adding the other difficulty levels, Easy, Normal, Hard, instead of only having the option to select Expert..."

Make it happen please 😃