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Hello fellow speedrunners ! I went on a little rampage over most of the game pages in order to change their look x'D

For Final fight 3 i wanted to do something simple with the cast on bottom and a soft background color

The in game items quality captured on screen look too shitty on my side and no one was able to rip the items from the game so i decided to add the MIGHTY Final Fight icons for the ranking and they look cute 😛

I hope you like it.


hi, the new look is awsome. I still need to start speedruning this game, maybe I can help with the icons, just say which one I have to look for.


Just need the Sprites sheet from the items and food Ripped from Final Fight 3, i haven't found a single one available on the web.


hi, yeah, i didn't find the sprites, so i riped them myself (i had to download the ZNES for this).!MN5j3K4Y!S3F3mKMY8zUpeLwLD2I2aonutUY4wrE_u_SaX3xcSNM

If i miss some item, just say and i will try to find it 🙂

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