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so i was watching a Final Fantasy IX HD PC - Any% No Major Skips run, i was watching 2 runs at the same time on 2 monitors, making myself kind of a race
(zockerstu vs walrusbeard).

I time it so the timers on both streams are as near as possible to each other, so lets say the speedrun timer is 00:00:10.xx for both runs (both on twitch).

After the streams run for a while, i noticed one timer falling behind the other, for like 5-6 seconds.
i synced them again becuase i thought i messed up, but it happend again and again.

So my dumb question ist, why is that?
There a obvious reason iam sure but i kind of dont get it right now 😛


i just got it myself. the timer stops on loads, so the timer differnce is the loadspeed difference of the runners systems.

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That's exactly right! All categories in HD PC have a load remover, although you will see some of the older runs don't have it, as they're from before fhelwanger wrote the load remover.

All runs in that category that do use the load remover should also have a "Time Without Loads" on their splits, which you can use to compare runs instead, but because the load times vary based on each runner's PC (mine are the longest on the whole LB lmao), it won't be a perfect comparison.

Hope that helps!

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