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Hey FFV runners.
I was wondering if the SNES step manipulation routes also work on the GBA version.
For that matter; would the same route work on the GBA version?

Thanks in advance for your help

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Hello, i think the new route work on GBA version, we have a problem with darkshock route because the strat don't work on GBA but this blue magic isn't use in recent run and step manip is the same on snes, gba and ps1 🙂


SNES manip works on GBA, but quicksaves on GBA means you could have a faster route (one does not exist, yet).
You also require a different route on GBA as some strats won't work (item dupe and kiss of blessing glitch are fixed). So you'll likely need a different step route on GBA for that reason, too.

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You can probably use the bs1 route because it's glitchless categorie


The 255 item glitch can be done on FFV Advance:

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I found this video


That's a fast run to say the least. I'll look into the strats used when I have time.


I mean if you can dupe items, you can pretty much reprise the snes route, all that would change would be having to kill neo exdeath with some giltosses....

Now quicksaving to manipulate rng is something to look into....


The japanese run posted by Swed uses an item glitch on Exdeath to trigger a power cannon use (the cannoneer combination). It looks similar to the item duplication glitch and would be an awesome speedstrat showing much similarity to the kiss of blessing glitch