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Something for the mods to decide but as we know JP does NG>Fin transition for FF3PSP

Not sure what timing method you guys are wanting to use for FF3PSP since most of the runs done will be in Eng as far as im aware.

NG>CoD flash or NG>Fin transition

Obviously Fin transition is longer since you need to sit through credits etc as per JP runs do but im just wondering before i go on to do my run. It would also help as i could then put into the notes when to final split


Also just to add on.

FF3DS uses NG>CoD flash for their final split. Just maybe something to take into consideration


For now I think the way to do is NG start -> Fin (music stop) End, to match the JP run.
While DS does time to CoD flash, currently there's only 1 PSP run and it makes more sense to me to match that instead of immediately making 50% of the runs on the leaderboard mis-timed either way.

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