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Hey !

I'm currently trying to learn any% no credit warp and 2 minutes into the speedrun i already have some problems :

- First, in WR, NachoYacopu seems to have looted 2 potions, in order to do two encounters skip, but in duckfist notes and in my play, i have only looted one, and i don't know how he got the second one

- Second, i tried to do encoutners skip (as i understand, you have to use a potion on a character a tile before the fight in order to skip it) bur it never worked. Do i miss something ? nothing is explained in duckfist notes


Okay thanks

I'm starting from a savestate because i don't want to type name again and again, does it affect ?
Anyways, is there a video guide for the category ? Because it's really hard to learn it from WR + Duckfist Notes