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Since I am the only runner (at the time) that does runs on BC PS3,
these are somethings that are worth mentioning before anyone who's willing to invest in this hardware.

To see a highlight on the hardware in which versions support PS2 disc
checkout the chart in this link

Do NOT use 80gb model of the PS3 since it runs on an emulator
its best to obtain a 20gb or 60gb model
Since they run PS2 games HARDWARE wise

PS3 are region locked for:
Blu-Ray movie disc
PS1 disc
PS2 disc

PS3 is only region free with most PS3 games

In order to make the console by pass the region lock
you need to have a CFW installed your BC PS3
I recommend REBUG CFW
then install a program called REBUG TOOLBOX
inside the toolbox go to settings and select "Toggle Cobra Mode" (this will trick the system to read JP disc PS1 and PS2)

However if you have a BC PS3 then you might have to DOWNGRADE your OFW.
3.55 is the OFW you need to install a CFW, if its 3.56 or higher it will not work

The hardware runs HOT! the GPU runs about 40C and the CPU runs about 70C
From the time I have been running, it does run loud after long uses (4hrs) or sometimes random
So be sure that your room is well ventilated.

YOLD is possible however to by pass this, there is a rumor to replace the thermal paste in the PS3
since Sony did a shitty job keeping this hardware running cool. My BC PS3 does have a different thermal paste so
maybe thats why its still alive from the time i wrote this

The BC PS3 runs roughly 1-2 seconds faster than PS2 Slim per each load screen

The hardware does support a PS2 usb adapter
in addition to, supports vibration for DS2 (via usb adapter) and DS3 controllers
The hardware does DROP INPUTS after multiple attempts of running X-2
I do noticed the recent amount of dropped inputs. I read an article about this
and to paraphrase

"Sony never mastered the BC PS3 hardware all they did was make it work with the DS3 controller
Since it was soo costly to reproduce em, they just released the system from the way it currently runs."

They never released a patch to fix this (enjoy the faster hardware with dropped inputs OpieOP)

The game still runs normal while you press the PS3 home button, the game never goes idle.

It also doesnt load saves from a PS2 memory card (via Memory Card usb adapter)
you have to manually port it to your PS3 or create one from the PS3

The frame rate does drop mostly in the same areas as PS2,but it does lag less than PS2 overall.

Thats basically it about the hardware. until further updates


¤If anyone has this hardware, feel free to talk about your experiences¤
THIS IS NOT A DEBATE in whether or not having it in the LeaderBoards

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