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So, you start from a new file and beat through 9-5 burning resources for stamina, that part is simple enough.

However, should it be allowed to use game features that are time based for runs? If you started some days you could do a side mission to get an extra unit that might be useful for your route, other days you can't. If you manage to save enough orbs, could you scout and try to get a 5-star recruit right at the start? Or should it be locked to only the default units you receive?

I don't think I'll ever run this game, but I've been thinking about how routing it would go and wonder what people think about this.


I like the possibility of that. If we started on an Olivia day I think that would be rather powerful. If you get 3 other solid units, but then again its all RNG


I think it might be useful to make a list of all the resources/units you are currently guaranteed to get in any play-through, to compare to later if changes to the game are made. If people want to do runs that depend on good scouting luck, I don't really care, it would be sorta boring IMO to reset more than pokemon (Hope Nintendo doesn't mind all the reroll accounts!)

You currently have 63(48+15) guaranteed orbs from story levels, and not much else for free, unless I'm forgetting something. But currently you'll get at least 2 more orbs from the app-release bonus. Time the start of your run to be just before the day rolls over and you can get 4, but unlike singleplayer games, you can't set the date yourself, you'd have to actually play in the middle of the night to get that. It's weird to try to create a standard ruleset for something that can change.