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Hi there!

Bout to start doing Coop runs and we were wondering why the In Game Timer isn't used on full runs but is on IL's? Is there something bugged about it (aka it isn't accurate)? I'm going to look into making an autosplitter for the game and I've always preached using IGT in games that offer an accurate timer, as using Real Time (especially for PC heavy games) are not great imo (as loads and unnecessary screens get in the way).

Thanks! 🙂


Unfortunately the in-game timer is actually not accurate in that if you die, the time is reverted along with the checkpoint, so you could keep dying if you don't like a specific segment and then end up with a really good time


Ok, so the same thing as RE5. In RE5, we just have a rule that if you die the run is over. So that seems fair still. I'm talking bugged as in Jet Set Radio Future, where the timer is off by like 10 minutes at the end of the run. If it's just death abuse then that's a peace of cake, just don't die 😉


There hasn’t been much testing on how accurate timewise the timer is so I wouldn’t know, we actually only just found out about the time being reverted on death not that long ago


Gotcha, well I'll check into it while I'm trying to make the autosplitter and see what happens. Thanks for the quick responses dudeski 😛


See the rule about if you die the run is over is a rule I highly dislike. Some of my better runs have a death in it and saying they are invalid because of that I find is stupid.

Currently because of the exploit with IGT, I don't find it reasonable to have it timed by IGT at the moment, and RTA for the most part is fairly accurate.

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