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can you please add all missions to a level board.
i want to run some of them! 🙂

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or just add me as a mod i do all the stuff, i see that just "redemption99" is aktiv.



i did now some speedruns in some lvls of fear3 but there are still no level 🙁

@redemption99, can you add me as a mod? i just want to revive this game on speedruncom 🙂


Step in line man, I should get mod first #Kappa

Nah, I know they still approve runs one in a while but yeah it would be nice to have an active mod.


and i would be an active mod 😉


I'm sure we all would be active given mod, but I think it would make more sense if mod was given to someone with experience in the game like tru with all his hours put into it rather than someone who just got the game

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