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Id like to announce my 2nd LiveSplit Splitter I've made available here:

I decided to make this as I'm learning to make splitters and I love speedrunning this game. It took about a half a day.

SuicideMachine probably will conflict ie. multiple splits but I made mine configurable and you can enable/disable each feature individually.

This one has the following features.
-AutoStart. As soon as the game map shows up in memory the timer will autostart.

- Load Removal. SuicideMachine's load remover stops when the press any key displays while still on the loading screen. Mine will pause the timer until you actually leave the loading screen.

AutoSplit works the same way, when the map name changes in memory. I didnt dig to deeply into SuicideMachine's code but it gave me the idea to search for Map names in memory and split when they change.

Cinematic Remover. Any time you can skip a cinematic, the timer will automatically pause. disabled by default. I personally love watching the cinematics, especially the intro when getting hyped up for a speedrun. Took many hours back and forth but I managed to find a pointer of a pointer of a pointer of a pointer of a pointer that returns a single byte when cinematics can be skipped. Joy!

Pause Remover. Last but not least, this was an accident, I wanted to pause the timer when the game forces you to press something like right before you get out of the car it has that situation report. It turns out this memory pointer is exactly the same as pressing ESC and pausing the game. Nice! disabled by default.

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