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I knew this problem would occur sooner or later. I guess I delayed it to be a little too "later".

I was wondering if there's a way to merge the two platforms into each other.. speaking of Crime War.. just ignoring everything outside the levels wouldn't be fair since weapon selection should be timed. Removing the time for every "loading" screen ?


I think it would be better to completely separate the two platforms. The PC version does have level differences (mainly more obstacles/crates/barrels) that would make the PSX version inherently quicker inside the levels.

While a glitched run would be identical on a per level basis, a full playthrough would see quite a few differences. Combine that with the much quicker menus, and much faster loading, the PC version has a huge advantage. Sure you can remove the loading screens, but it still doesn't account for the fact that I can click one spot without moving the mouse for 3 levels straight and not be forced to watch the mission briefing.

As for the timing method, it would probably be best just to stick with real-time. For me, it would be once I click "Start" to begin loading the first level. Timing would end once the screen cuts out on the final level. Normally I'd be fine with ending on the final boss hit, but you can still die and reset the level before the ending movie plays.


I have now separated the PSX and PC on the board for every category. It looks like it's quite a bit overblown with buttons but it's the only fair way since the platform differences are too heavy to combine them into a single board imo.

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With new strats, sub10 has been breached for PSX. So PC would easily sub 9 now I believe. But I can't get that crappy program to work on Win10. Too lazy to setup a VM 😛

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