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So I'm interested in running this game (not the meme category) and I was wondering, "Where's the 'Any% New Game +' Category?". I was thinking that it would be a lot faster than regular "Non-Alternate-Ending" ("Any% No Major Skips" or Any% Canon Ending" sound way better) and would be more fun. Routing would be a lot of fun as well because of all the already unlocked perks, abilities, & weapons (Wingsuit, Airdrop, Etc.) I'd like to see it added cause I'm seriously considering running it. It's an easy to learn game and has a lot of potential. Im sure sub 3 hours is possible with "Any% New Game + Canon Ending" with proper routing, RNG, Etc..


Ng+ will be added and NAE will remain the same.

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Did the category ever get created? If not I would suggest making it a variable like Solo/Co-op cause I'm interested in running NAE NG+


With the variable I mean make a completely new variable wich would be NG/NG+