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So for a while now, I've allowed pictures of the end screen as a proof for ILs. However, today, someone proved me that it was not acceptable to do so.

As of now, I was thinking of removing all the runs that included an image instead of a video, and I've wanted to see what opinions the community has about that.

Also, a few weeks ago, someone posted an IL of level 26 where they skipped pressing the button on the first floor to allow Fireboy to pass. The thing is that the run was done on an unofficial remake of the game (the mechanics looked completely different), and the skip is impossible to do on the original version. So I've thought about banning those version that are not the original version that you can find on multiple website, such as ArmorGames or the Fireboy and Watergirl website.

I'll give 1-2 weeks before removing said runs unless someone can give better solutions.

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I think all previous runs are fine, just in the future video evidence should be required. also sorry for taking so long to edit the post, I kinda forgot i did it for a bit.

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tfw you finally get a legit 0:29 but gotta have video proof ;(

Just means I'll have to do it again ig, at least I know it's possible now.


BTW, here's the run done on a remake
I think we should just remove those to be fair (the skip is impossible to do on the original version), due to the fact that it may have other differences.


If we remove those, i think we should also actually list official versions to make sure people know if they're using the correct version

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After some time thinking, we, the community, decided to split the boards for the 2 versions. So you guys can all submit your runs, regardless of the version, as the new engine is now also accepted.


Watch out the Fireboy and Watergirl website, the run was done on https:/​/​teleseryeonline.​su/​