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hi, i'm new here. my friend and I want to start speedrunning this game (mostly any%). I have watched some speedruns and now I would love if someone could give me a list of skips/strats/important levels as well as overall tips for the game. could anyone do that?

thanks in advance,

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Hey gonengazit !

There are not really any guides as to how to speedrun this game, so I'll try to describe some points that can save time overall.

If you want to learn the strats, I would say that the 1 player any% WR is probably the best way to learn them. Keep in mind that most of the skips save less than 5 seconds each, so if you find the shortcut routes too hard, you can always do the levels the intended way.

There is one skip however that you should learn, and it's the skip that happens at around 6:10 in the 1 player WR. It's not that hard to do, and it saves 30 seconds. The way this skip works is, by touching the wall just before the peak of your jump, you get a bit of extra height from your jump, making the skip possible.

As how the general movement goes, jumping up slopes (including levers/buttons) is faster, and going down the slopes makes you go faster. Sometimes you lose speed if you touch a ceiling as you are. Sometimes hitting the ceilings is useful if you want to cut down on the air time before being able to do another jump.

A cool mechanic with jumps is that, if you press the jump button in the air, you will jump on the first possible frame when landing on the ground.

Of course, using the same level route each time is also very useful, because you remember what button(s) to press at the beginning of each level more easily.

Hopefully these tips makes the learning of this game easier. Have fun !


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thank you very much for the tips!
do you know about the double lever glitch? if you don't i can send you a vid.
if you do, are there any timesaves with it? also is there a good setup for it?


I have never messed around with that one, due to the fact that it looks so inconsistent. I also think that the uses for that glitch would be so restricted, do to the fact that, in most cases, you want both levers to be activated.