Fatal Frame 2 Mission Mode speedrun
7 years ago
Virginia, USA

Alright finally got around to cleaning up the leaderboards. I switched all runs to Full Game instead of Individual Levels.

Good news is now everyone's run(s) will show up on their profile. I also made Mission Mode a Misc category along with FPS mode and submitted your run! :)

Virginia, USA

I haven't fought the kid ghosts yet, but it seems kids in the series are always a pain in the ass.

If you can think of any more speedrun categories in the future, just feel free to suggest them in the forums and I'll try and make them.

Virginia, USA

Yeah, I plan to run NG+ categories so it seems I will have to fight them to prep a save file for it. Great can't wait to fight them Kappa

Funny thing you bring up Low%. I was talking to the person who helped route Kakarot's FF1 speedrun a week or so ago and that person was trying that category out. This is what they said:

"Some ghosts take over 10 minutes lol I dont think I beat the final boss. I have a save right there but unless you fatal frame combo every time, his regen will cover all the damage you've done I beat him with type-07 and blast orb, just to see if that was possible but I want to do it without special moves at some point"

This person was trying to beat the entire game with type-07, no upgrades though. I guess if other film is allowed, it would be easier. I might screw around with type-07 low% in the future though.

The only other category I could think of would be Bad% where you leave the village at the end and don't attempt to "rescure" Mayu.

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