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Due to recent events and after being contacted by some runners, the following changes have been made to the moderation of Fallout 1 and 2 :
- PLANET and FallenRanger are removed (Not sure if PLANET was mod on F2 but at least he was on F1)
- Tomatoanus has been added, after talking with fexen

I will not go into further details for the sake of privacy.




Regarding the above post I'd like to leave a short statement about what happened. Sadly at some point of time I've discovered a tool that allows changing the probability of random encounters happening, from a default once per 65 game tics (a tic is an in-game smallest possible time unit, a measurement depending both on hardware and software configuration) to a maximum of once per 255 (so in other words, random encounters could happen 4 times less often), tinkered around with the first game map containing rats (of which one is behind a non-visible wall, so potentially could be skipped) and with character creation file (partial immunity to electric fields that are inside the military base, giving more chances of lower damage). Problem is, I didn't limit to only playing around with the above, but went a step further and used them in some runs.. Probably an effect of running this way too much (literally thousands of runs over a short period of time). I should have let people know that there's such a tool/possibility, that could probably lead to a sensible discussion or eg create a separate category, alas I didn't do that. I eventually removed the runs (myself, if anybody wondered) from the leaderboards when the shit hit the fan, but that was obviously too little, too late. For everyone that had faith in me, I'm sorry to disappoint you, I'm not happy at all about what happened but it did ; I'm sorry. My thanks go to Ewil for contacting me (sorry I didn't say anything at that time), Fex for meeting after such a long time passed (and way more), Pawlik for contacting me, helping with the stream details and more, 30Cents for getting back in touch, and last but not least, guys from our Polish community, you're all great. This whole thing actually has an wider context, but everybody's got their own conscience, so I won't be talking about anybody else.

Thank you for hearing me out.