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These is categories/game modes what can be speedrunned but currently not listed on board because of no one actually run these game modes:

1) Tutorial (all or levels separatly)
2) Tight spot; Transport belt madness
3) Supply challenge
4) Rocket rush
5) PvP; Team production
6) Default non-standart settings (Rich resourses, Marathon, Death world, Death world marathon, Rail world, Ribbon world, Island)
7) Some kind of special non-standart settings (like world with hardest possible settings with small amount of resourses and many biters, maybe some other ideas).

Optionally they can be divided to normal, multiplayer and massive multiplayer categories - or just can go all these in one board to not divide it in too many categories.

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1) "Easy" and "hard" wave defence is nearly same as "normal" difficulty. Possible but boring.
2) "Rocket rush" is basically normal gamemode, but with all technologies researched and with much bigger starting kit. It will be faster then normal run with same settings ("Rocket rush Any%", "rocket rush default settings" will be enough for first time - then may add some more variations). Seem good for speedrunning.
3) Tutorial levels also good for speedrunning. Especially last two of them. Also tutorial levels is very short in comparison with normal runs.
4) "Tight spot" and "Transport belt madness" seems good at first but don't have any random, so they end up with "copy solution from blueprint/your memory ASAP".
5) "PvP" and "Team production" is definetly not made for speedrunning.
6) Non-standart settings of normal gamemodes have not so many diffrences with the "Any%", "Default settings", "Death world" and other already existing categories. Also it is possible to imagine so many combinations what they will just implode amount of gamemodes. Make these only when all other, mode intresting gamemodes will be made to categories.
7) Singleplayer, multiplayer, and mass multiplayer categories for each gamemode is imploding the amount of categories. So it is better to place them into one big pile.
8 ) Also i think about "True Any%" or "Blueprint%" (difference is: "Importing blueprints IS allowed"). It can be made on normal gamemode, "Rocket rush" and "Wave defence".


at #8: any% with blueprints is NewGame+ and already a category you can submit

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