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Very impressive. I didn't think it could be improved on.

It'd be very cool if there was some addition to the description about what was improved. I tried watching it, but I couldn't see what was done. Was it just a more flawless execution of keystrokes?

I'd also really like to understand why we don't split this into pre bots and post bots.

I assume everyone agrees that once you get bots, the theoretical potential for minimum times is quite significant. Bots let you go into parallel building mode and there is a vast universe there of different approaches.

If we have people focusing on post bots and pre bot runs, we could probably figure out some great times. This would require more community collaboration tho.


>It'd be very cool if there was some addition to the description about what was improved.

If we compare RAZZLINGTON's and my run the most obvious difference is the map. The map I use has more coal-rocks which require a lot of running but I think they speed up the early game enough to be worth it. Additionally I skip electric mining entirely and rely on burner mining drills instead. The assembler for burner mining drills should produce them faster and more consistant than just handcrafting. I have a loop for science packs that helps with distribution into the labs.

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