Phoenix layer Any% Speedrun guide. A world record strategy.

By OverCraftOverCraft Last updated

A detailed guide with the same steps that phoenix did to make the world record.
Probably a good way to start playing in the ladder with a decent time, and learn how a decent map seed / buildings synergia are made to compete with others.
There is no need to be a good player in the game to play the speedrun, even a new player can follow this guide steps, just look the images and clone them.
The more practice you make, the faster you will be. Do not give up.
It is made to avoid too much walking, efficient phases, and produce exactly what you need to launch the rocket and no more.
The online version is fine, but if you dowload the version you will have even better image quality.
Also check and search for factorio speedrun tag, you will find a good comunity that can help you!

Have fun!