Fable TLC - Any% LV 1 Spells (Old No Upgrades) Notes by CleanSera

By EtemEtem. Last updated


These notes assume some knowledge of the Any% route. If you are not familiar with it, I suggest watching a Guide or runs.

Childhood - Wasp Menace
Same as Any%

Do Buy/Sell as Any%, but skip the Ages of Might Potion

Grab Protect Orchard and Boast

Lookout Point
Skip the Ages of Skill Potion

Orchard Farm
Any% strats for 12 Combat Multiplier (CM)
You need ~6200 Experience for spells.

Greatwood Cullis Gate
Free 6 slots on hotbar and warp to Guild

Take Trader Escort
Learn Multistrike, Force Push, Slow Time, Summon, Berserk, and Multi Arrow

Greatwood Cullis Gate
Try to convert Summon creature to a Hobbe/Bandit, if there are none, do it at Greatwood Caves

Darkwood Entrance
Say no to infected trader
I personally Lightning the 2 barrels for Red Meat and Will Potion

Ancient Cullis Gate
Chest before bridge for safety Res Phial.

Darkwood Weir
Earth Troll
Anniversary Heroic Batta strats.

Barrow Fields
If dusk, sleep til day. If not, continue on.
Wait for Assassin Rush to be usable to go into Oakvale, else spell lock

Perfumes twice, then Emeralds to 120k, buy Health and Will Potions, buy Res Phials, buy food

The Clifftop Path
Summon clip the gate

Abandoned Road
Skip Ages of Skill Potion
Get to Twinblade's, warp to Guild

Sell Ebony Longbow, buy Master Longbow, Master Greatsword, Will Potions, Health Potions, and Res Phials

Twinblade's Camp
Summon Clip gate, kill Summon creature after success, skip Ages of Will Potion, Summon Clip to Elite Camp

Twinblade's Elite Camp
Kill Summon creature, skip Ages of Might Potion, Summon Clip to Twinblade's Tent

Twinblade -
Berserk before Twinblade stabs the ground and let nearby bandits hit you for increased damage
When Twinblade stabs the ground, use Slow Time, 1 Multistrike 1, plus 2 normal hits.

Witchwood Cullis Gate
Skip Ages of Will Potion

Witchwood Stones
Summon Clip Demon Door to Archaeologist
Go to Knothole Glade, warp to Guild

Take White Balverine quest, warp to Knothole Glade

White Balverine - Knothole Glade
Kill 4 Balverines outside the gate, it will probably take more than 1 shot depending on how long you have to pull the arrow back.
Lightning the WB like in Any%, hit to disrupt howl animation
Apply Augmentation
Master Longbow - (Silver, Empty, Empty)
Silver Augment Dupe - warp out of KHG, hit left click to reload. Just go back through the quest again.
Apply Augmentation
Master Longbow - (Silver, Silver, Empty)

White Balverine - Witchwood Lake
Fully pulled back shot should 1 shot White Balverine
Wait until all empty howl cutscenes have played before warping to KHG.

Grab Arena quest, warp back to KHG and go to the Arena.

Arena Waiting Room
Buy Augments from Trader (Sharpening x2, Piercing, and Silver), and buy potions and Rez Phials.
Apply Augmentations
Master Longbow - (Silver, Silver, Silver)
Master Greatsword - (Sharp, Sharp, Pierce)

Arena - Use Force Push to cancel humanoid/Wasp death animations
Berserk + simple melee
Berserk + Multistrike
Medium shots for normal ones, medium-full shots for White Balverines.
Use the bow here as well. Medium shots for the small ones, full power shots for the big ones.
Berserk + Multistrike
Earth Trolls
Berserk + Multistrike
Rock Trolls
Berserk + Multistrike + Assassin Rush to keep the trolls from jumping (Any% strat)
Use Slow Time to allow for more damage done without getting knocked down by the other Troll.
Berserk + Multistrike, try your best not to let him eat all of your Rez Phials
Berserk + Timed Multistrike hits to keep her stun locked until her grenade throwing phase, let her start throwing a grenade then rush and go for the "kill".
If she starts in grenade phase, go ham with the timed hits.
Leave, skip cutscenes.

Arena Entrance
Warp to Barrow Fields, go to Grey House.
Warp to Guild.

Take Rescue Archaeologist, warp to Bowerstone South.

Go to Northern district, Sell Master Greatsword, Buy Solus Greatsword, buy Will Potions, go to Rescue Archaeologist.

Windmill Hill
Summon Clip barrier if you are a god, otherwise, kill Minion Summoner to dispell the barrier as intended

Prison Path
Basically a Minion Gauntlet. Prioritize the Dreadwings, then kill the melee ones.
Warp to Guild, and Warp back.

Lychfield Graveyard
Same as Any%

Cliffside Path
Kill Nymph before reaching the big Undead.

Same as Any%

Tentacle Phase 1
Dodge the slams, Berserk melee/Multistrike the tentacles.
Face Phase 1
Preferably Multi Arrow shots at full strength, but normal full strength shots will do. Dodge his blast. #MomBestTank
Tentacle Phase 2
Repeat of first one, Tentacles just have more health.
Face Phase 2
Rinse and repeat.

Barrow Fields
Go to Ancient Cullis Gate.

Ancient Cullis Gate
Kill Undead with bow.

Hook Coast
Buy Will Potions from Trader, then go to ruined abbey, warp to Guild.

Return to Hook Coast
Timed Berserk + Multistrike hits to stun lock him. He will likely teleport, don't stress it too much.

Try to Stop Jack of Blades
Same as Any%

Jack 1
Same as Rescue Archaeologist, kill Dreadwings first, then melee ones.
Jack's Ground Phase
Berserk + Multistrike, use Assassin Rush to close distance when he uses his wave attack until air phase.
Jack's Air Phase
Multi Arrow strats, dodge his wave attack (CAN STILL CHARGE BOW SHOTS WHILE ROLLING). When he channels, hug the stone pillars.
Kill Theresa.

Oakvale Memorial Garden
Wait for auto-save, skip cutscene, warp to Guild, go to Lookout Point.
Equip Solus Greatsword.
Sleep for potions if necessary.
Talk to Demon Door.

Prophets of the Fire Heart
Same as Any%

Ship of the Drowned
Berserk + Multistrike the summoners down. Assassin Rush can be used like it was on Rock Trolls in Arena as well as for invincibility frames.

Lost Bay
Berserk + Multstrike Ice Troll, go to Snowspire.
Warp to Archon's Shrine.

RNG digging.

Necropolis - Summoners + Minions
Berserk + Multistrike + Assassin Rush, prioritize Summoners.
Warp to Snowspire, go speak to Scythe, double auto-save, warp to Archon's Shrine.
Warp to Knothole Glade.

Stun lock with Berserk + Multistrike. His signature Thunder move can be interrupted with an Arrow shot.
Warp to Archon's Shrine.

Berserk + Multistrike
Warp to Guild, then warp to Lychfield Graveyard.
Go to Circle of the Dead.

Kill lesser Undead to make Nostro damageable.
Stagger Multi Arrow charges to allow maximum damage on Nostro: i.e., Undead, Nostro, Undead, Nostro
Don't rush this, the window of opportunity is sufficient for a fully charged shot after killing an Undead.
Warp to Archon's Shrine.
Go to Archon's Folly.

The Final Battle
Keep Berserk up as often as possible when damage is a real threat.
Berserk + Multistrike face phase, basically wait until face phases to try doing any damage to him. You can use the bow in the phases where he lands off to the side, but it's insanely difficult to get any off because of Minions and his own attacks.


2/22/16: added YouTube links for "Batta strat" demonstration, KJFreshly's WR, and KJFreshly's Any% Guide. also corrected a few errors.
5/5/16: edited Solus Greatsword into the route and adjusted recommended gold amount after Oakvale Buy/Sell.
6/10/16: added the Silver Augment Dupe strat, Slow Time into the spells learned before Trader Escort, and a YouTube link for the Twinblade strat. Also corrected a few errors.
8/6/16: corrected the link to KJFreshly's current WR run, and added a recommendation for Slow Time on Rock Trolls in Arena.
8/7/17: corrected the link to KJFreshly's current Any% WR run.