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I have nothing against In_Sanity, but at his run in Mexico he had an extremly open defintion of track limits in Turn 1.
I just wanted to ask, because i thought it was a 1Lap%, but without corner Cutting, altough the game didnt realise i think it shouldnt count, cause i can't even redo it, because i always get a penalty just for leaving the track....

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I posted it on the discord asking for Potato to reject the run. To be fair I also don't like his sound lag, it masks everything.


It's been removed. Not entirely sure how that got past me, but it did.


@ASmallPotato yeah no problem, i hope that In_Sanity, has no problem with that, i just wanted to ask, because i felt a bit ripped, i think he also showed that he has the pace to still break the time