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So I've been attempting to get WR in Low% for quite some time now, And I have, quite frankly, run up against a wall. If you have ever tried to run Low%, which few people ever have, you know that the fast kill on Stonebanks on the second last level is absolute bullshit. I have lost too many runs to this trick.
For those who are not familiar, this trick involves running past Stonebanks' railcar before he drops several sawblades on your head and throwing grenades on the right side of the railcar. The grenade throw is very consistent, but getting past the railcar is the most aggravating thing.
Naturally, I tried to find out more about this trick. I have tested this level in just about every possible way, which has involved some pretty crazy ideas. In the end, the best I can come up with is the trick is entirely random. No amount of jumping, rolling, walking backwards, screen resolution, lag, or even speedhacks were able to make this trick consistent.
I've finally given up trying to figure it out on my own. I would really appreciate it if MirrorsMind or ShadowDraft could give me any information they have on this trick.
Other than that, I am going to be making a video guide for Low% showcasing some faster strategies. If you know anything about this trick I would love to not have to claim the trick is 100% random.