Game Mechanics

By VhoulVhoul. Last updated

Thought I would put together a list of things that beginners won't know and are not very obvious. Not all mechanics will be relevant to moving faster. I do not know everything, please correct me if I am wrong. I am planning on making a separate guide to cover all the glitches.

Updates: Recently updated section on Lag and added a section on Slow time. (Aug 15th 2020)

Double-tapping either left or right will allow you to run. You will want to do this at the start of every level. Letting go will cause you to stop running. There is pretty much no reason to not run all the time. I personally never realized this until after I beat the game for the first time.

The height of your jump is determined by how long you hold the jump button. If you reach the maximum height of your jump while running you will perform a roll (Somewhat inconsistent).

Seems to be entirely cosmetic. Needs more testing, but I have not noticed a difference in speed.

Good for climbing, not much noteworthy about them.

You can climb stuff using the up button. Mash the button to climb faster. You can also climb up and around ledges, it is a little finnicky, but you'll get the hang of it.

Wire Sliding
Initiated automatically when you land on a wire. You can either jump off or drop down. Dropping down can cause a glitch that conserves your momentum and makes you run real fast.

Radiators (Telephone pole things)
Jumping on or shooting radiators causes them to fall and explode. Jumping off at the right time will cause a glitch that shoots you forward. Alternatively, jumping at a different will cause you to lose speed and crush your soul.

There are two conditions that need to be met to summon the helicopter: Killing the evil general and activating the flag. Once the general is dead, haul ass to that flag. Touching the ladder will end the level. This process cannot be interrupted. The helicopter can also be blown up; if this happens simply wait for a new one to show up.

You have to touch checkpoints to unlock them, but who cares because dying is usually slow.

The robot bosses have a lot of health. You kill them faster if you blow up their missiles in their face. Hitboxes are unclear. I do not recommend actively trying to kill their missiles, just hope that they blow up in their face while you are killing them. Their minigun arms can be killed, but it does not appear to do extra damage. Shooting them between their arms and their torso makes me feel like I'm doing more damage, so you can try that. I do not think it actually helps. Special attacks are almost never worth it.
The quick kills on Stonebanks suck to perform.

Cutscenes are boring, holding the fire button will speed them up (usually). Several cutcenes can also be skipped by jumping over the trigger. Most can be skipped; however, under not all skips are viable for a speedrun, and some are character dependant. Additionally, certain cutscenes are not worth the time it takes to skip them. Here a quick list and explanation of all cutscenes.
First - Stonebanks orders some enemies to kill some people. This can be skipped by jumping at the last possible second off of the second highest platform of the first tower of the first level. (All characters, speedrun viable)
Second - Stonebanks runs away. This can be skipped by minigun flying with Bro Caesar only. (Speedrun viable)
Third - Robot falls from the sky. This can also by skipped by minigun flying. Softlocks game/requires you to restart the level.
Fourth - Stonebanks laughs at you and runs away. First bit is skippable, the second can be sped up.
Fifth - Small sequence as you escape. Can be skipped if you dig upwards and jump over the trigger near the entrance. (All characters, Not viable)
Sixth - Stonebanks orders a mortar strike. Can be skipped, but trigger is very large. (Bro Caesar and Broctor Death only, Bro Caesar is speedrun viable)
Seventh - Robot falls from the sky. Same as before except this is also skippable by Broctor Death.
Eight - Interrogation. Can be skipped once you are told the beers are getting warm.
Ninth - Explosion. Can be skipped/sped up.
Tenth - Final Cutscene. Unskippable.

- As far as I know what character you get is entirely random. The only stipulation I am sure of is that you cannot get the same character twice in a row. I have noticed patterns which tend to repeat themselves, but I have only observed these when I get certain characters on certain levels and don't die in between. For example, I would often reset until I got Bro Caesar on the first level which would often lead to getting Broctor Death on another level.
- Mortar strikes are a little random. They will pretty much always do the same thing (which is kill you), but on occasion they have killed the general at the end of the level for me. This is probably manipulated by your position.
- The cage which you spawn in is also random, and you can lose a few seconds to bad cage RNG.
- Explosive barrel and radiator placements are somewhat randomized. All necessary propane tanks will always be there on the first attempt of a level.
- Enemy behaviour is random. This includes the direction the machine gunner is looking.
- Boss behaviour is random.

Depending on the aspect ratio of your game (adjusted in settings), some of your screen may be cut off. You can still access areas offscreen normally, but you wont be able to see. I recommend seeing more, because it will be helpful in seeing what is ahead of you. Although I personally use 800x600 which cuts off a lot of the game. I do this mostly for superstitious reasons. I might reduce lag which is the worst run killer. Not being able to see ahead is not a problem if you know the game, but it does make a few tricks easier.

Dropping Out and Kicking Players
Drop outs are exclusive to using controllers. Kicking players seems to be impossible.

Sometimes the last level lags. If you get this, your going to lose a few seconds. I haven't had this happen in a long time because I close and restart the game after every attempt. So far this seems to have fixed the problem.
Lag builds up over time. My best guess is it is caused by loading. Screen distortion also appears to have an effect. Turn on screen distortion, beat the game 3 times without closing the game, and see what happens.

This game is not very optimized, and as a result, lag happens. Running this game with a good computer definitely reduces this lag. I saved around 10 - 20 seconds by upgrading my computer. Granted, part of this time save is due to the load remover which calculates loads more accurately.

Freedom Fighters
Using the melee button on friendlies recruits them to your cause. Mostly just awesome.

All Bros shoot differently. Their damage and rate of fire vary wildly, and they each have their own special abilities.
Broney Ross (Dual Pistols) - Hold down fire button for best fire rate. Wiki claims being closer deals more damage.
3 damage per shot at close range, 2 damage at long range
7-8 block range
Special (Triple Grenade) - Grenade sticks to enemies, walls, etc. and kills enemies, allies, and self.
35 damage per explosion
Lee Broxmas (Knives) - Mashing the fire button seems to maximize rate of fire and therefor damage.
4 damage per knife
9 block range
Special (Knife Flurry) - Long range and good at destroying terrain.
5 damage per knife
Bronnar Jensen (Grenade Launcher) - Grenades cause enemies to panic and not shoot when stuck.
~27 damage per grenade
~8 block range
Special (Bomb Car) - Take control of an RC car that explodes on command. Mostly useless
>35 damage per explosion
Bro Caeser (Minigun) - Fire backwards to go fast. Deals more damage at close range.
8 damage per shot at close range, 4 damage per shot at long range
8 block range
Special (Bullet Slam) - Jump in a direction and slam with a shockwave that levels terrain. Good for changing direction in mid-air. Also can be used to keep you from dying. Most importantly causes the glitch that makes runs so fast.
Broctor Death (Sword) - Attacking in mid-air will cause you to dash in the direction (Up, Down, Left, or Right).
5 damage per attack
1 block range
Special (Sword Charge) - Charge in a direction and explode. Can be used to conserve momentum, bridge gaps, or stay alive.
Toll Broad (Flamethrower) - Enemies that are on fire will panic and not shoot. Closer probably equals more damage.
14 damage per shot
5 block range
Special (Incendiary Grenade) - Sets enemies on fire as well. Can kill you if you stand directly on top of it.
~50 damage for explosion
Trent Broser (Rifle) - Mashing fire button seems to maximize damage (Again, speculation).
11 damager per shot at close range, 4 per shot at long range
11-12 block range
Special (Airstrike) - Throws a grenade that calls down an airstrike. Airstrike falls in the direction you are facing. Damages enemies, allies, and self.
5 missiles dealing 25 damage each

Slow time
So you can just press F2 at any time to slow down time. Umm, ya. Game never tells you. Don't do it though, its not very fast. If you want to look for glitches maybe there's something there. The game doesn't seem to run any differently though. So if anything it just makes it easier to perform frame perfect inputs. No idea really.

Co-op Mechanics (I have limited experience with Co-op)

Pressing the melee button at the same time as an ally while next to them will perform a high-five. High-fives slow down time and are the single coolest mechanic in the entire game.

This might be the only one... Let me know.