Low% Tutorial

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Video Tutorial:

General Stuff:
Always run by double tapping the move button.
Always re-initiate run when you get slowed down below running speed.
Skip Cutscenes by pressing the fire button.
Speed up unskippable cutscenes by holding the fire button.
You regain control of you character after a cutscene as soon as you see your picture appear in the corner.
Play on Normal difficulty.
Kill the General at the end of each level, activate the flag, and jump onto the helicopter ladder.
The General does not need to die, if he is far enough away from the flag the game doesn't really care.
Clear unlocks.
Don't rescue Bros.
And most importantly, always be on the lookout for faster strategies. My route is not perfect.

Level 1:
There is a lot of very precise jumping in this level. At the very start, you need your jump to be well timed and just the right height to prevent getting caught by ledges. Next, you need to climb the hill by mashing up. Jump up onto the tower with the terrorists. This will require you to mash up in order to catch the ledge. Missing this jump is okay, but you do need to get up there in order to skip the cutscene. It is very important to skip the cutscene because it is sooooo slow. It's like 5 seconds long or something. I don't really know anymore because I reset any run that doesn't skip the cutscene. Anyways, now you need to keep on trucking to the first checkpoint. The big steel structures are checkpoints. You'll want to jump onto a pig and shoot just before you land. If you did it right, you will start running really fast. You should be running throughout the jump. Pig running will give you varying amounts of speed. The fastest speed is very rare and will only save about 2 seconds, so don't worry about it. If you do get speed from the pig you can try to get the checkpoint jump. Run underneath all the straw houses, or whatever they are, jump over the wooden crates, jump onto the checkpoint (jump very early because you're going very fast and you don't have time to slow down), and finally jump onto the first ledge of the hill. If you are going fast enough you will land on top of the ledge without slowing down. If you stick the landing, continue onward and use the ladder to travel the remaining distance. If you get slowed down, climb over the hill and shoot through the boxes. Now just finish the level.

Quick Tips: The pig's movement as well as the movement of the General is completely random and will very often ruin your run. Pigs will dodge your jump and the General will hide behind terrorists. This is one of the more technical levels, but you can still get good times without perfect execution.

Level 2:
Try your best to clear your jumps onto the first two structures. Jump off of the second into the cutscene and hold the fire button to speed up the cutscene. Start running again once the cutscene is over, you can move before the camera pans back to your character. Run to the end of the level, jumping to avoid catching your legs on stuff. Throw grenades into the cutscene trigger and die during the cutscene. If you do not die during the cutscene you will lose a considerable amount of time.

Level 3:
Start the level by skipping the first cutscene and speeding up the second. If you ever notice that the cutscene are playing slower than usual you may want to consider restarting the run from a fresh boot of the game. This is definitely not something that you will need to worry about unless you are trying to get WR. At most you will lose 1-2 seconds per cutscene. Anyways, now you're going to need to flex. Just mash the fire button as soon as the button prompt appears. You don't need to mash very fast because the game only accepts so many inputs. I will note however that you can start flexing before the voice says flex. The flexing complete cutscene can be skipped shortly after the voice says flexing complete. Next, you need to spawn randomly in 1 of 4 cages. The further right you spawn, the faster your run will be. Shoot out of your cage and make your way up the ladder. This next cutscene is technically skippable, but it's not faster. Just go up the ladder and kill the guard offscreen. You don't have to kill him, but he can kill you, so kill him. I find that the cutscene ending is a good time to check the pace of my run. On my computer with my shitty load times the fastest time I have seen as the cutscene ends is 1:11. Continue onward by jumping onto the telephone poles. The fastest way to complete this level is by performing a radiator jump. I call the big electrical things attached to the telephone poles radiators. While running, jump onto and off of a radiator. If you timed it correctly your jump will have a little extra juice. To maintain this speed you need to jump overtop of the wooden crates. You will need a big jump in order to do this. You will usually not have a big enough jump. After this it is just a matter of running to the end of the level.

Quick Tips: I often lose time on this level, so just try to not lose too much time. Don't reset to be in the first cage or to get the good radiator jump.

Level 4:
Initiate wire running as soon as possible. Run along the ground, jump over the pile of boxes. You are running pretty fast at this point, so I use the suicide bomber as a visual cue to know the jump is coming. Don't jump too high. Keep running into the hill and climb the ladders to the top. If you are wire running, the ladders are faster. If you lost your speed, climbing over the hill is better (I would reset, but you do you). After the top of the hill, the route gets really messy. Try to get as many radiator jumps as you can. I do not know what a perfect route looks like. Ideally you would get a radiator jump on the first possible radiator, jump across the telephone poles and get to the end without ever losing your speed. I do not know if this is possible; I have never done it. Unfortunately, you cannot control your speed so your jumps must have the perfect height in order to land on the poles rather than the wires. The final obstacle in this level is the Bruiser (minigun terrorist). If he sees you, you should kill the General, run behind the Bruiser, and wait for the helicopter. If you are confident enough, you don't have to run behind the Bruiser, but you need to get your butt onto that chopper.

Quick Tips: Your goal on this level should be to not lose time. Focus on not dying at the end.

Level 5:
This level is so much better in Low% than it is in Any%. At the start of this level, you must take a moment to appreciate how lucky you are to be running Low% instead of Any%. First, run into the cutscene. Just activate it as soon as you can. Speed up the cutscene, jump the gap, and throw grenades onto the first mortar vehicle. Next, jump onto the second vehicle, climb up to the telephone wires. Initiate wire running on the second (or third) section of wire. Time your jump to land on a wire down below and maintain your wire running. Climb the explosives to get over the ledge (which explosives you get is random). The final step of the level is to climb the tower. You can jump onto the troop transport to possibly save a fraction of a second. This avoids a small amount of climbing. Just don't jump onto the transport while it is still moving because it will slow you down. Now scale the left side of the tower. You will need to jump outwards and grab onto the ledges. This takes some practice to do consistently, but it's pretty easy. Kill the General and fly away.

Quick Tips: Make sure you throw grenades onto the mortar vehicle (or it will kill you later). When climbing the explosives to reach the base of the tower, more often than not, you will run smack into the ledge and lose your speed. If you get stuck under the ledge and can't climb over, just shoot the ledge. It will break, allowing you to climb.

Level 6:
There is really only one way to complete this level. Anything but exactly what I describe is too slow. Jump over the propane tank and shoot while midair (this will scare the pig away). Shoot the propane tank ASAP and jump on. Stand at the very back of the tank and wait for it to start moving. At some point you will need to double tap right and jump. I find that you should jump just after your bro passes the tree. If you did everything right you will land on top of the next hill. If you land in front of it you jumped too soon and if you clear the hill you jumped too late. I know it sounds obvious, but it is very important that you land on top of the hill. If you do not land on the right spot you are going to hate your life. All you have to do at this point is execute a series of precisely timed jumps, hold the fire button (to kill the General/dogs), and fly away. All of your jumps should be small. The first three jumps are in rapid succession - you want to jump as soon as you touch the ground. The fourth jump requires you to wait.

Quick Tips: Don't worry about the Bruiser at the end of the level. Run right by him and focus on the General. Practice this level a lot because if you don't execute it perfectly you will lose a lot of time (this level is very consistent with practice).

This tutorial is a work in progress...