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After playing through the Evo 2 Original Release (OR) and the Legendary Edition (LE) I've noticed a few differences.

This list goes over everything I noticed in the Legendary Edition:
There is a very limited options-menu, You can't choose a language or have any sound adjustments.

You can set the difficulty prior to the run which saves a couple of seconds.

All 3D-Sections have noticable longer loading times.
3D-Sections don't have huge lag-spikes anymore.
This kinda makes up for the loading times but over-all I think LE loses time over OR in the 3D-Areas.

In Windy Valley (Future) in the Canyon. Right before the Star there is one blinking-block which is blinking way faster.

There is a glitch after the Reno fight. If you mash after the cutscene it replays the Reno Cutscene. (In the OR the glitch also exists but only re-triggers the door-opening-cutscene)

2 Encounters in the Lights-off-Room in the Lab simply don't exist
The final normal encounter used to be 2 Battles back-to-back it's only 1 battle in LE.

Bejeweled Battles seem way easier since enemies don't necessarily notice 4-block-solvings.

On the Guardian-Scroller. If you get a Level-up you automatically dismount when clicking away the message.

The Legendary Version saves a lot of time in the Lab due to missing encounters.

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Thanks for the report, i didn't play it yet i only had few back from Neoslash.

Oh nice to know Bejeweled easier i saw Neoslash saving like 2min30 over me in that split. And i was like PogChamp. If it's easier that nice for 100% run.

I want to say, maybe we can discuss it but Legendary will go as current patch. it's anyway faster than previous version dispite few loading time longer.