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This thread is here for discussions regarding the setup of the leaderboard as well as to chronicle any additional updates as they happen as well as to keep the changes made in an easy to find place.

To do:
-Clarify New Game and New Game+ rules for True Ending runs


I believe we should flip the categories around and have the main categories be something "Bad Ending," "True Ending," and "Secret Ending" as a misc. category if we wanted to cover all our bases. From there we could have a variable for each showing whether it's done on the Steam version or the Freeware version. And for the True Ending and Secret Ending categories, we could include another variable for "New Game" for starting from a fresh save, "New Game+" for starting from a 100% save, and "Glitched" for using the shift glitch to get into World 8 without the need of a 100% save.


I don’t know how variables work exactly but I don’t like the idea of Steam/freeware being a variable… they’re nearly two different games, should be in different categories imo. Same goes for NG/NG+/glitched, those create completely different runs so I don’t think they should be in the same category.


The variables are just like how we have it setup with the Bad Ending and True Ending, which are equally different categories as well. I think the implication when the leaderboard was first made was that "Any%" was NG+ with all gems and "100%" was NG, neither of which really accounted for the glitch for getting into World 8 early and they were never made very clear.

I was just messing around and seeing how it would look, and I made test categories under misc. categories to show how it would look if we went with what I suggested (Ignore the bad ending/true ending variables since it's not easy getting rid of those).


Wait, those are called variables? I thought by variable you meant stuff like “Standard/Catastrophe” here: https://www.speedrun.com/ysvi#Any_PC1

Actually looking at the game editing now, I see that they’re both called “variables”, kinda confusing; but in that case disregard my previous post– I’m not sure which way it would be best to do it but my previous complaints are moot if I’m understanding it now.

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To me, those nested tabs seem really complicated and hard to understand (especially when it's like 3 nested tabs).

I guess it's more simple and easy to grasp if structured like following:
For main tab
- Any% Bad Ending
- Any% True Ending
- 100%
- Glitchless
in Misc.
- True Ending (New Game+)
- Secret Ending
For 1st inner tab (a variable) - not display for Steam exclusive categories.
- Freeware
- Steam

• All categories except "Glitchless" allow all glitches
• There is almost no difference between Any% Bad Ending and Any% Bad Ending (New Game+) for Eversion, so they are integrated to Any% Bad Ending.
• The word "Any%" is not necessary here, but I prefer to use it because it makes everyone who likes speedrun to recognize the purpose of categories more easily.
• 100% requires True Ending.
• Any% (Glitchless) and 100% (Glitchless) are integrated to one category b/c both require all gems that only 100% requires when all glitches are allowed, then have exactly the same rule.

Please point out if I overlooked something.

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